APAC Product Deep Dive Series: Nintex Process Automation

Learn why the Nintex Process Platform is the industry's most complete platform for process automation.

The role of process for successful digital transformation has always been an important one, with process automation a key requirement for many organisations. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical and urgent need for organisations to accelerate digital transformation for enterprise resilience and survival in a tough economic climate.

In this webinar series, we’ll explore the process automation capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform, from advanced workflow and modern forms, through to document generation, e-signature, and robotic process automation. Join our Nintex experts and see how you can eliminate manual work and successfully solve your process problems from big to small, all without using code.

Episode 1: Support remote/distributed workforces with Nintex and MSFT Teams
Episode 2: Integrate your business applications with the Nintex Process Platform
Episode 3: Automate your document handling and management requirements
Episode 4: Combine the power of workflow and RPA with Nintex Gateway

Watch on-demand now to see how Nintex can help your organisation to save time and money, increase productivity, accelerate results, and focus your team’s energies on mission-critical work.