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Leadership Insights podcast | episode 7

Outperform competitors with automation

In this episode of the Leadership Insights podcast, we hear from Josh Waldo, Chief Customer Officer at Nintex as he joins Nintex CEO Eric Johnson for the seventh episode of the Leadership Insights podcast. The two discuss the new Process Automation Maturity Model which is designed to help your organization answer a few key questions such as:

  • How are leading companies driving more scalable process improvement to make a strategic impact on the organization?
  • How can we enable our organization to perform better or faster than our competitors?
  • How can I help my leadership understand the value of process discovery, improvement, and automation?

About the host and speakers

Leadership Insights is led by Nintex CEO, Eric Johnson, who nearly doubled the company’s size and revenue in two years. Each episode is designed to give listeners a peek into the world of innovative industry leaders.

</strong><br>HOST<strong><BR>Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson


</strong><br>GUEST<strong><BR>Josh Waldo

Josh Waldo

Chief Customer Officer