Do I have access to Support?

Access to Nintex K2 Standard Support is included with your subscription to the Nintex Service and is available for the duration of your subscription contract.

Looking for Nintex Support?

Nintex Customer Support

Which level of Support do I have?

Support entitlements are determined by your subscription to the Nintex Service. Please refer to the applicable Order Form for your subscription.

Where can I find policies for my Support entitlement?

All Support Policies are located on the Nintex Legal page.

Support business hours and contacts

To contact Support, navigate to our Nintex Customer Central portal and submit a request through the Cases menu.
Methods of contact and support hours may vary based on your entitlement.

If you have any questions on the below information, please reach out to your account manager or see Customer Central for additional information.
For escalations contact





6am Monday – 5pm Friday (UTC -8:00)
Limited support during holidays

+1 877 822-5552
+1 425 201-1942


6am Monday - 7pm Friday (UTC)
Limited support during holidays

+27 (0) 11 675 1175


9:30am Monday - 6pm Friday (UTC +8:00)
Limited support during holidays

+65 3158 8990

What issues are included in Support?

  • K2 Software updates and upgrades, Codefixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates, which K2 generally provides to all licensees receiving K2 Software Support
  • Unlimited access to online self-service knowledge base of information and solutions
  • Unlimited access to online product help documentation
  • Electronic and telephonic access to K2 Software Support personnel for standard Support Incidents
  • Unlimited access to the Community Forum for Software Functionality questions, assistance and guidance, solution and application sharing, collaboration with other community resources and technical information on lower priority service issues.

What should my case include for the fastest response?

Providing more information when opening the case can expedite the resolution.

Useful information can include:

  • Screenshots
  • Detailed description of issue
  • Solutions or resources already tried

What issues are excluded in Support?

  • K2 has no support obligations for issues resulting from: (i) your equipment, network connections or other infrastructure; (ii) your use of the K2 Software in a manner not consistent with the K2 Software documentation or in violation of the license agreement; (iii) modifications to K2 Software by any party other than K2; or (iv) failures or downtime of the K2 Software due to any factors beyond K2’s reasonable control or due to any force majeure event as described in your license agreement.
  • K2 has no support obligations for free, trial or evaluation access to the K2 Software.
  • K2 Software Support does not include training, configuration, integration, remote access (unless requested by K2) or onsite services as may be offered by K2.

Global K2 Software Support

This service includes:

  • Standard K2 Software Support
  • Access to After-Hours Support
  • Assistance on Standard Support Incidents for Technical Contacts operating from regions other than where the K2 Software was licensed.

After-hours Support

“After-Hours Support” allows a Severity 1 Support Incident to be addressed outside of normal business hours, including weekends and public holidays, in the applicable Support Region.
In order to submit an After-Hours Support Incident, you must have acquired Global K2 Software support.
For After-Hours Support Incidents or emergencies, you must contact K2 Software Support by phone or accompany an electronic request with a phone call.

Does Support offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

No, Nintex does not offer formal service level agreements (SLAs) on cases. See our Targeted Response Times for reference.

How to prioritize your case by severity

Support factors in what level of functionality is blocked by the issue as well as upcoming deadlines to case prioritization. To communicate the issue urgency, select the appropriate Impact level when opening the case and note the circumstances in the description. If you believe the Impact has been incorrectly set, let us know by commenting on the case with more context.


Standard Support

Global After Hours Support

S1 Target Response Time

Standard Support

2 Business Hours

Global After Hours Support

1 Hour

S1 - Severity 1 (Critical) Your production use of the K2 Software is completely inoperable and inaccessible to all users. You experience a complete loss of service. The operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency.

S2 Target Response Time

Standard Support

4 Business Hours

Global After Hours Support

Not Available

S2 - Severity 2 (Urgent) The K2 Software is materially unable to perform and is causing a material and adverse impact for a majority of users. Operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

S3 Target Response Time

Standard Support

8 Business Hours

Global After Hours Support

Not Available

S3 - Severity 3 (Non-Urgent) The K2 Software is unable to perform to some degree and is causing some adverse impact for some users.

S4 Target Response Time

Standard Support

Fee-based Service

Global After Hours Support

Not Available

S4 - Severity 4 (Inquiry/How To) These are Software Functionality “How-to” questions about the K2 Software. Answers to Software Functionality questions are not included as part of K2 Software Support. Assistance on Software Functionality questions can obtained through the Community Forum at no cost or by purchasing K2 Virtual Services for a separate fee.