Automating education: Workflow automation’s impact in universitiesMake digital workflows the new education standard.

More than ever, universities and colleges must cater to individuals raised in the digital era. Assignments are made available online, and professors are almost always accessible by email. But the processes that keep universities operational are far less digitized.

Many higher education institutions still rely on manual, paper-based processes for things like hiring, grant proposals, financial aid and more. Not only does this inundate offices and staff with documents, but students often wait weeks for information to be processed.

“Automating education: Workflow automation’s impact in universities,” explores how workflow automation software can significantly improve the efficiency and speed of information processing in higher education institutions.

This white paper covers:

  • The departments and manual processes in higher education institutions that can benefit from workflow automation
  • How one university implemented the Nintex Platform to improve productivity and minimize costs related to paper-based processes
  • How to encourage automation awareness and adoption across colleges and universities

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