Workplace 2021: Keeping Employees Happy & Productive

Nintex Workplace 2021 Study reveals what matters to people across generations and roles

Our Nintex Workplace 2021 Study was designed to understand the experiences of U.S. workers during the COVID-19 pandemic – ranging from the hurdles they had to overcome by working remote, to how technology helped them, and to what they think about returning to the office.

We surveyed* 1,000 American workers about the pros and cons of remote working in 2020 to gain insights into the workplace of 2021 and have compiled the results in an informative eBook.

With the survey results, we have a better sense of what workplaces in America will look like in 2021 and how to keep your employees – from Gen Z to Millennials, to Gen X to Baby Boomers – happy and productive, which includes ensuring people have access to software that makes it easy to automate work.

The good news is that organizations everywhere can further position their employees and teams for success in the workplace’s ever-changing landscape by simply automating paper-based, manual and highly repetitive tasks.

In the eBook you’ll find insights that cover:

  • Where We Are: The Pulse on Remote Work
  • What We Need: Identifying Remote Workflow Gaps
  • How We Get There: Powering Workplace 2021

Nintex commissioned Lucid to survey 1,000 United States-based enterprise employees working remotely at companies with 501 to 50,000 employees in September 2020 to gain insights into the evolving workplace.

Download the Nintex Workplace 2021 Study eBook to read the findings