Nintex for Information Technology

Find Out How Nintex Can Improve Your Information Technology Processes

Your company relies on its IT department, and your IT department relies on the right tools to get things done. Free your team from inefficiency and distraction with process automation, so they’ll have more time to get more done.

  • Expedite help-desk requests
    Optimize service request management with automated help desk processes. Capture required information, set notifications, route requests appropriately and automatically escalate overdue tickets. Integrate with service management systems to ensure IT policy compliance. Automation streamlines support processes and expedites resolution—helping IT get back to work.
  • Manage and track IT assets
    Take control of asset inventory across the network, and make your systems work for you. Create self-service portals, automatically assign or recycle software licenses and hardware, and track asset usage. When you know what assets you have, where they’re housed, and who’s using them, you make informed decisions and purchases.
  • Automate notifications
    Improve message management and notifications. Send the right messages to the right people with perfect cadence, even when sending to multiple channels, devices, and lines of business. Prevent leaks and keep confidential information secure.