Nintex for Human Services

Find Out How Nintex Can Improve Your Human Services Processes

Human Resources is one of your business’ most important departments. Encouraging the integration of automated workflows into this mission-critical area will help drive optimization while increasing functionality and departmental effectiveness.

  • Improve employee onboarding
    Onboarding new employees can be both time consuming and labor intensive. Automated workflows replace paper documents with digital files, ensuring electronic forms are routed appropriately and stored safely, ensuring compliance with internal and external requirements. New hires experience a seamless welcome process, bringing them into the company quickly and efficiently
  • Expedite recruiting efforts
    The Nintex Platform automates the employee recruiting process, allowing for additional efficiencies by posting job descriptions to multiple job boards. Resumes and cover letters are stored in a central repository. Candidate interview schedules are managed automatically.
  • Manage performance reviews
    Streamline the performance review process. Employees and managers receive reminders and coordinate meeting schedules to reduce completion time, improve visibility of performance review processes, and ensure strict compliance with HR policies.