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Why companies choose Nintex

Nintex provides organizations the ability to easily manage, automate, and optimize their processes to quickly and intelligently transform their business.

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Fastest way to build apps

Nintex is the fastest way to build apps with intuitive user design and a powerful drag and drop experience with advanced capabilities. We are the only automation provider with a significant number of customers automating thousands of their processes every day.

Manage, automate, and optimize your processes with the Nintex Platform to quickly and intelligently transform your business.

Easily manage

Highly intuitive, designed so every participant in the process can easily understand and contribute to the process.

Quickly automate

Leveraging a drag and drop experience, an IT or Ops Pro can easily automate processes.

Dynamically optimize

Get deep visibility into processes to identify bottlenecks and opportunities to streamline.

Nintex Workflow is incredible:

"I love how easy it is to quickly get a solution up and running! I can demo a working solution to a group in a matter of minutes rather than weeks or months with custom coded solutions. The drag and drop interface allows me to teach others how to use it and enable other areas of the business to create their own workflows, thus engaging them throughout the process."

- Jesse M
Reviewer on G2Crowd

Incredible product for saving time

"The best feature of Nintex Workflow is all of the time our school district saves using workflows for approval of requests. From purchase orders to reserving vehicles to ordering supplies, our workflows save our administration and transportation staff many hours with the automation."

- Loyal A
Reviewer on G2Crowd
Lowest total cost of ownership

Start by tackling a preliminary set of processes and then expand as your needs grow. Our consumption-based pricing and enterprise-wide models offer the best value on the market.

The comparison below is based on the following scenario:
The company has 1,000 employees. They plan to automate 50 simple and 25 enterprise processes.

Nintex ROI
$176% ROI

Total cost of ownership


Net present value

10.5 months

to payback of investment

8% - 15%

Productivity increase per user


Other costs

See what your peers are saying:

"One of the reasons why we went with Nintex was the overall cost of the solution; K2 was way more than Nintex. Another reason was ease of use; Nintex was easier to use by the average user and developers creating the workflows."

- Lukasz Kokot, Project Manager, ASSA ABLOY
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"Nintex fits a sweet spot, between K2's BlackPearl and SharePoint's native workflow, both in price point and functionality."

- Bill Watters, SharePoint Developer, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
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Highest overall satisfaction

Nintex customers realize value quickly through a combination of our technology, commitment to customer success and our extensive partner ecosystem.

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See what your peers are saying:

"Nintex Workflow is extensible and allows user defined actions and nearly limitless potential using standard components."

- Scott Wallace, Computer Scientist, SPAWAR
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"Other companies have workflow products, K2 for example, or out of the box SharePoint Designer, or even Visual Studio workflow. But none have been as easy to use with on-screen drag and drop control."

- Khanh Hoang, Senior SharePoint Consultant, Abel Solutions
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The global standard in process management and automation

Our technology is trusted by leaders and innovators. Every day, public and private sector organizations around the globe turn to the Nintex Platform to map their needs. We consistently win awards for our capabilities, the strength of our people, and our collaborative workplace. We take pride in delivering a great customer experience, being an excellent company to partner with, and a great place to work.

When you invest in Nintex you can do so with confidence.

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Start saving and automating more.

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