Date: Tuesday, 21st November, 2017
Location: Online
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm BST

In the past, business technology has depended a lot on ‘ifs and only ifs.’

You can get a task done if you have the right document management system, or you can help your employees be more productive... but only if you have the right CRM solution that is compatible with the rest of your setup.

Most process tools are not agnostic, meaning they are dependent on something to operate. In many cases this dependence can make it difficult to automate a process across all the systems that make up that process. If you wanted to build a Salesforce workflow to help you with retaining customers, you could, but it might mean neglecting some other aspect of your overall business process.

Nintex for Salesforce was created with the goal of breaking down barriers in your business' technology environment, in your business processes and to allow you to bring together all your tools and solutions in a way that fits your needs... and we believe we've succeeded in that.

Join Alex Manning, Sales Engineer EMEA, on the 21st November to learn how Nintex can make your Salesforce processes quicker and easier.

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