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Break Down Silos: Automate, Orchestrate, and Optimize Business Processes Across Your Enterprise

There’s no doubt that Office 365 and SharePoint play a critical role within your intranet and across your organization. Yet, no critical business process likely relies on one single workload or service. These processes need to interact and connect with a venerable constellation of business systems, SaaS solutions, and (most importantly) participants within and external to your organization. Trying to gain the advantages of digital transformation by automating these processes with Office 365 at the center could appear unattainable without cracking open Visual Studio or getting on IT’s backlog. Fret not any longer! In this session you’ll learn how can simply drag-and-drop to design intelligent workflows, modern forms, and data-driven content automation that will help you tear down these silos, move beyond simple automation, and orchestrate even the most sophisticated business interaction or customer experience. All without writing any code, with the Nintex platform.


Alexander Burton

Nintex, VP of Product
Alexander Burton, Nintex, VP of Product

Advancing the Art of Workflow to Intelligent Processes Automation

For more than a decade, leading organizations (like yours!) have fundamentally improved how work gets done by automating a wide range of organizational processes in SharePoint and across the extended enterprise. Still, due to rapid change and the growth of complex and highly specialized projects, nearly 70% of important enterprise processes remain highly manual. Success into the next decade requires a different approach - one that combines the benefits of no-code, rapid iterative development, and tapping into process intelligence to identify, automate, orchestrate, and continuously optimize front-office processes. This session provides insights into how to move beyond simple automation and achieve intelligent process automation.


Mike Lewis

Nintex, Director of Product Marketing
Mike Lewis

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