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U.S. Olympic Committee optimizes its processes with eSignature

Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) serves as both the National Olympic Committee and National Paralympic Committee for the United States.

The USOC is responsible for supporting, entering, and overseeing U.S. teams for the Olympic, Paralympic, Youth Olympic, Pan American and Parapan American Games, while serving as the steward of the Olympic and Paralympic movements in the U.S.

The USOC has two primary responsibilities in its oversight of Olympic and Paralympic sport in the U.S. The first is to generate resources in support of its mission, which is to help American athletes achieve sustained competitive excellence. The second is to ensure organizational resources are wisely and effectively used to that end.

Paperwork completed in days, rather than weeks

Increase in form accuracy and completion

Higher customer satisfaction with ease of use

The United States Olympic Committee
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Who they are

The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee is the National Olympic Committee and the National Paralympic Committee for the United States. It was founded in 1895 as the United States Olympic Committee, and is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

What they needed

Manually processing multiple forms for thousands of athletes quickly turned into a logistical challenge. With no central repository of information, handling all of the paperwork became an inefficient model.

How they did it

Nintex AssureSign®’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics made it easy to streamline workflows and process documents at a much faster, more efficient rate.

Streamlining workflows and saving time

Challenge: Manually processing thousands of forms

The USOC oversees two U.S. Olympic Training Centers (OTCs) in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Lake Placid, New York. In addition to training thousands of elite athletes each year, these centers are popular destinations for amateur athlete training camps.

The USOC is charged with tracking documentation for these OTCs. For every visit to a training center, an athlete must complete extensive paperwork, including waivers, codes of conduct and demographic surveys. Manually processing multiple forms for thousands of athletes quickly turned into a logistical challenge.

Additionally, to take advantage of the insurance coverage provided by the USOC, athletes must also receive, complete, and return paperwork, all within a tight deadline. For many athletes, their primary focus is training and competition, so you can imagine that paper processing and submission is not always top of mind, which can result in missed deadlines and gaps in coverage.

The USOC is also responsible for sending legally binding documents, known as Games forms, to every athlete, coach and staff member who attends the Olympic, Paralympic, PanAmerican, or Parapan American Games, resulting in thousands of documents each year.

That still doesn’t include all the paperwork from youth camps that are hosted by the USOC each year. Participation in youth camps requires consent forms and waivers with signatures from both parents and camp participants. These forms are often returned with incomplete or inaccurate information, causing USOC staff to begin at square one. With manual paper processing and no central repository of information, handling all this paperwork became an inefficient model for the USOC.

Solution: Dynamics integration brings home the gold

The USOC’s IT department knew it needed a solution for document processing. After extensive research, it chose Nintex AssureSign® because of its simple, yet powerful integration with Microsoft Dynamics, which the USOC already used. The USOC chose Nintex AssureSign® because the software made it easy to on-board new users, reducing the pain points of introducing a new technology to their systems. Almost immediately upon implementing Nintex AssureSign®, processes that used to take the USOC weeks to complete were finished within days.

The USOC has seen major reductions in the cost – both in terms of time and money – of processing documents and soliciting signatures. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that team members report higher rates of customer satisfaction, stating that the new paperless processes “put smiles on customers’ faces.” Shared one IT team member, “When you have a solution that works, life is better.”

Beyond the relief of using Nintex AssureSign® to solicit and receive signatures, the USOC has reaped the benefits of its seamless Microsoft Dynamics integration. The USOC has streamlined efforts required for repeatable processes, like sending Games forms and parent consent forms, which saves both time and money. Internally, using Nintex AssureSign®’s workflows and reminders is popular because they reduce the burden on managers to monitor the progress of their direct reports.

Program leads appreciate working with Nintex AssureSign® because it empowers them to more effectively segment and target their customer lists, which enables them to build templates and send customized emails to their contacts. The USOC’s processes have improved so much that other sports organizations have taken notice, and frequently reach out to the USOC to ask them what they use for their eSignature solution. For an organization dedicated to the “wise and effective” use of its resources, the USOC brought home the gold the day it started working with Nintex AssureSign®.

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