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Tropical Smoothie Café exceeds expectations with eSignature

For over 20 years, Tropical Smoothie Café, LLC has fostered its mantra of “Eat better. Feel better.®” by using superior fresh fruits and veggies to craft fan-favorite smoothies. Over the years, what started as a single smoothie shop in Tallahassee, Florida has transformed into a smoothie empire, whose 600+ locations span nationwide. Their footprint isn’t the only thing that’s experienced tremendous growth over the years. The franchise, once exclusively serving up indulgent smoothies, now offers a repertoire of healthy eats, including sandwiches, flat breads, wraps, and select vegan options. More opportunity is on the horizon for the company, as they project continued growth.

Saves postage costs – eliminate overnight postage

Delivers a seamless franchisee experience

Ensures compliance with FTC time interval mandates and all other regulations

Tropical Smoothie Café
Food & Beverage
Capabilities Used

Who they are

Tropical Smoothie Café has over 600 franchise locations across more than 40 states serving smoothies and fresh food.

What they needed

Tropical Smoothie Café sought an electronic signature solution to digitize and manage signature processes for its internal documents and franchise agreements as the company was quickly growing.

How they did it

The company implemented Nintex AssureSign® to enable electronic signature for its documents while remaining compliant with all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements applicable to franchise agreements.

Digitally transformed signing process

Challenge: A complicated and laborious agreement process

A few years after opening their flagship location in Florida, Tropical Smoothie Café began franchising its brand. Franchises began opening locally, spreading to surrounding states and eventually the entire southeast. As the franchise grew, Tropical Smoothie Café began to flourish in other regions, spanning the U.S. from coast to coast. The rapid expansion of their footprint was well received by prospective franchisees and consumers alike. However, the process of opening a new franchise was saturated with paper contracts, full of laborious tasks and burdened with extraneous cost. Not only did the shipping costs of mailing contracts with return overnight postage impact the company’s budget, it strained an already intricate timeline.

The timeline for Tropical Smoothie’s franchise agreement is subject to FTC mandates, which require defined time intervals to lapse between stages of the transaction. Required timelines, mailing physical contracts, waiting for their return, managing missing signatures or omitted information on returned contracts, and filing and storing were all laborious processes that Tropical Smoothie Café employees expended time completing.

Solution: Expedient and convenient solution

Tropical Smoothie Café sought out a way to streamline the process and take advantage of eSigning, not only for their internal documents, but also for their franchise agreements. Soon they found Nintex AssureSign®, which was one of the only eSignature platforms that provides the highly desired delayed signing feature as well as a simplistic drag and drop UI for one-off documents. With Nintex AssureSign®, Tropical Smoothie Café could now process their agreements electronically while remaining compliant with all FTC requirements.

Tropical Smoothie Café found Nintex AssureSign® to provide the cost benefit, capability, and compliance they desired. With Nintex AssureSign®, Tropical Smoothie Café can effortlessly abide by FTC time interval mandates along with all other regulations. Time and effort previously spent on timeline oversight and other arduous components of the formerly paper-laden agreement process is now repurposed into opening more franchises! Additionally, the franchise has nearly eliminated the extraneous costs associated with the former “print, send, receive, scan, and store” process that paper contracts required. The digitally transformed signing process makes for a seamless franchisee experience, driving more potential interest. Replacing cost, paper, and manual procedures with savings, digital interface, and streamlined processes affords Tropical Smoothie Café an expedient and convenient way to help even more consumers live and eat better!

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