Tribal Group Reaches New Heights with Nintex Promapp®

Nintex Promapp® enables the rapid deployment of software.

Nintex Promapp® is now an integral part of Tribal Group’s sales and deployment process and an invaluable source of information for teams.

Nintex Promapp® was originally implemented to support a new customer delivery approach, but after realizing the business benefits of the process mapping software, Tribal plans to expand their use of Nintex Promapp® to other parts of the business.

Quicker deployment processes

Controlled process variation

More consistent customer experience

Tribal Group
Capabilities Used
Process Mapping

Who they are

Tribal Group is a market-leading provider of software products and services for the education sector. Originally from the UK, they now have a global presence, employing over 1,000 staff, with thousands of educational institutions using their products.

What they needed

Tribal Group needed a solution that would help them meet new market drives and improve the experience for customers by standardizing and fast tracking their service offerings for their software products.

How they did it

Nintex Promapp® has helped Tribal Group centralize and standardize their delivery collateral, ensuring a consistent customer experience. The company took a group-up approach, and when people saw the changes Nintex Promapp® could offer, people were converted.

Assessible information across the organization

Phase one of the Tribal Group project was to find and record key processes – but this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Some processes were stored as Visio maps, with inconsistent styles and levels of detail. Others were on staff laptops, some of which had been created for certain customers, but had never been shared across the team.

By capturing these key processes in Nintex Promapp®, they’re now available to the entire team, whenever they’re needed. And it saves the time it would potentially take to recreate them at each new customer implementation.

Nintex Promapp® is now an integral part of Tribal Group’s sales and deployment process, and an invaluable source of information for teams.

Nintex Promapp®, as part of our wider delivery approach, enables rapid deployment of our software, saving our customers time and money.
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