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Thousands of industrial services employees saving time every day

This large Australia-based industrial services company, with thousands of employees, wishes to remain anonymous. It implemented Nintex K2 Five after six months of effort toward an automation competitor were frustratingly unproductive.


Month to automate workflows vs. six months with zero progress


Manual steps for new hardware requests done automatically for employees


Of employee hours saved weekly

Industrial Services Company
Capabilities Used
Automation On-Prem

Who they are

Australia-based industrial services company.

What they needed

The industrial services company needed to accelerate slow processes impacting growth.

How they did it

The company automated workflow processes in one month that saved thousands of employee hours weekly.

Instantly freeing thousands of employees from manual processes

Challenge: Menial tasks spoil productivity for thousands of employees

This industrial services company tried to automate its processes and workflows using traditional .NET development. Instead of showing improvement, however, the existing processes proved to be problematic and time consuming.

For example, thousands of employees had to submit individual training requests, which meant they had to chase approvals and gather additional supporting information for each step.

“Even though we had digitized our hardware request forms and system access form requests, modifications could not be handled in the system. We would need to change the original document, create the PDF and publish it on our intranet. Our employees had to download and print the forms, fill them out, get them signed, then scan them to send to the service desk,” said the IT applications and development group manager.

In short, the existing systems were labor-intensive, maddeningly slow to develop, prone to errors and difficult to troubleshoot. The company abandoned its .NET attempts after six months without progress. The IT team decided there had to be a better way.

“After seeing what Nintex K2 Five can do in one month, we knew it was the exact product what we were looking for,” continued the IT applications and development group manager.

Solution: Intelligent automation optimizes valuable employee time

Following a review of various suppliers, this industrial services company decided to try Nintex K2 Five. One employee was able to completely recreate its training request form and equipment movements and disposal (EMD) process.

“Using Nintex K2 Five, these were both completed in one month, with far better functionality and auditing with the ability to visually see where a process was. This was our proof that we had made the right call,” explained the IT applications and development group manager.

With Nintex K2 Five, training request workflows were completely reinvented. What used to be a time-consuming task was instantly efficient. Beforehand, the learning and development team had to continuously chase down and follow up on all approvals. After integrating Nintex K2 Five with the company’s existing software and systems, all requests could be approved by the relevant managers while simultaneously collecting supporting material and submitting it for processing.

Processing EMD workflows is easier as well. Nintex K2 Five seamlessly integrates with the company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Now, the staff can easily notify all relevant stakeholders on the listing and status of any asset.

All modifications for improved hardware requests and system access forms are now actioned in real-time. “The new solution allows us to change the options available in both forms, ask for manager approval and submit the request directly to our service desk,” said the IT applications and development group manager.

Thanks to Nintex K2 Five, this industrial services company has seen significant savings in both time and labor. The new automated processes and workflows, running on intelligent automation software, have increased efficiency and project visibility. Now that all information is stored in one centralized and accessible place, employees spend far less time searching for files and historical communication.

This company has continued to innovate. Not only have training requests, system access requests and equipment movements and disposals been automated, so have new supplier requests, new hardware requests and others, with more on the way.

All stakeholders have firmly embraced Nintex K2 Five, and the company continues to employ new solutions to automate all areas of the business.

“Demand to automate our processes has been unprecedented, and we are currently working on having these provision user access changes within our ERP and other systems,” reports the IT applications and development group manager.

Using Nintex K2 Five, these applications were both completed in one month, with far better functionality, auditing, and the ability to visually see where a process was up to. This was our proof that we had made the right call.
IT Applications and Development Group Manager, Industrial Services Company
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