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Rosetti Marino Group speeds up approval time with Nintex

Project management simplified and streamlined

Providing onshore and offshore construction and engineering services for gas and oil and ship-building companies around the globe means Rosetti Marino Group needs to coordinate large-scale, complex projects.

At the start of each project, one sole team member managed the onerous task of creating project sites and assigning permissions, a process that could take a great deal of time and lead to inadvertent errors. Handling sign-offs via paper, email and phone calls meant documents sat on desks or in email inboxes for days, if not weeks, waiting for approval.

A digital transformation was in order.

As part of their digital transformation, Rosetti Marino upgraded from Lotus Notes to SharePoint but quickly realized that SharePoint offered diverse benefits, including building process automation workflows on top of their SharePoint integration to save time and money. Rosetti turned to technology solutions partner GreenTeam for advice and were led to Nintex Advanced Workflow.

Now when a project starts, a single document with a list of all persons involved in the project is pushed into Advanced Workflow. This happens so seamlessly that users don’t even realize they’re using it. The ease of responding for users has shortened the process from days or weeks to minutes.

Finding success

Approval time reduced to minutes instead of days or weeks


of developer time saved by no-code solution

Challenging shift from Lotus Notes to SharePoint made easy

Rosetti Marino Group
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

Rosetti Marino Group provides engineering, procurement and construction services to oil and gas companies globally with more than €2.2 million in gross profits in 2015.

What they needed

Creating projects took a great deal of time and lead to inadvertent errors. Approvals could take days or weeks. Rosetti Marino had upgraded from Lotus Notes to SharePoint and needed a solution that would help them seamlessly transition to automated processes.

How they did it

Rosetti Marino saved time and money by automating strategic processes with Advanced Workflow, such as setup and permissions of project sites, handling document management, and archiving.

Strain on IT team lifted with automated workflows

Migrating forms from Lotus Notes to SharePoint has been easy, too. But one of the greatest savings has been for the IT team. Because Advanced Workflow doesn’t require a developer to write code, Alessandro Mucciarella, head of IT development at Rosetti Marino Group, says his developer is 50 percent more efficient and there’s no need to rely on other partners or third-party software to complete projects, providing even more savings.

In my opinion, Nintex is easy to use and quick to be learned. With Nintex, you can complete projects in a few days.
/Alessandro Mucciarella, Head of IT Development, Rosetti Marino Group/
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