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Regional bank supports aggressive growth with RPA and workflow

Doing automation “right”

When this regional U.S. bank’s enterprise automation team researched options for scaling up and standardizing its automation efforts, several groups were already using Nintex for robotic process automation (RPA) and document generation. Nintex offered a comprehensive suite of tools for workflow automation, digital forms, and mobile apps, in addition to the RPA and document generation capabilities the bank was already leveraging.

Nintex also offered integration with third-party software that the company already used; cost-effective licensing; and tremendous ease of use. Standardizing on Nintex Workflow Cloud and the rest of the Nintex suite for all of the bank’s process automaton needs just made sense.

Cuts time for key process in half

Achieves 241 efficiencies saving $265,000

Makes PPP loan process a customer-pleasing competitive advantage

Regional U.S. Bank
Financial Services
Capabilities Used
Robotic Process Automation
Nintex Workflow Cloud®
DocGen for SalesForce

Who they are

Regional community bank with $6.6 billion in assets and a full range of commercial and consumer-facing lines of business.

What they need

The bank had aggressive growth targets and wanted to use process automation technology to both boost productivity and customer satisfaction.

How they did it

The bank uses a combination of Nintex RPA, Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex Forms and more to automate key processes such as wire transfers and PPP loans.

Transforming a key process

The process that enterprise automation team chose to automate first was the bank’s outgoing wire transfer process for transferring money from an account in the bank to one somewhere else. It was paper based, requiring the teller to obtain a signed form from the customer, scan and copy it, put it into a ticketing system, verify the details, manually calculate exchange rates, rekey the information into another system, and watch for email approvals.

The bank’s IT team leveraged Nintex Workflow Cloud, Nintex DocGen®, and Nintex RPA to transform the process. Now, when the teller hits “submit”, Nintex forwards the data to Nintex Workflow Cloud, where Nintex DocGen® creates the completed form and Nintex RPA bots verify the customer’s identity and available bank balance, pull current exchange rates from a SharePoint list, and automatically calculate amounts in the specified currency. Nintex Workflow notifies the approver that a wire transfer requires their attention. The approved wire is processed for payment. Nintex RPA also moves the document into a centralized folder per wire, and then combines all the days’ wires and moves them to the bank’s centralized storage location, which is locally hosted.

The new, Nintex-based wire transfer process is a big time-and-money saver for the bank, mostly by eliminating the need to create tickets to track the process, minimizing the number of times the teller touches the ticket or rekeys data, and reducing errors and the time needed to correct them. Wire transfer orders are now ready for customers to sign in about a minute, down from several minutes previously, and they’re almost inevitably correct the first time, boosting customer satisfaction.

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