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Norwegian Olympic Committee reduces security risks with Nintex Advanced Workflow

1,500 workflows helped employees and volunteers get out of the cubicle and onto the field

The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF), a government-funded organization, manages sports organizations and clubs for all of Norway. Of its 3.5 million members, 90 percent are children. Registering everyone who wants to join and maintaining communications with all participants and employees across 100 websites can pose a challenge.

According to Collaboration Systems Owner, Kjell Rune Nordil, NIF’s old document system was a “black hole” where documents went to hide forever. To avoid using that complex document system, employees stored documents and personal member data on hard drives, Dropbox or email without realizing that they were creating a security risk.

Finding success

hours saved and €80,000 per year through automated onboarding


hour for new member sign-up time - a reduction from weeks

Resolved previously unknown security risks

Norwegian Olympic Committee
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

Established in 1861, NIF is the largest volunteer organization in Norway. Its approximately 1,500 employees serve more than 3.5 million members and provide access to 54 national federations, 19 regional confederations, 366 sports councils and more than 11,000 clubs.

What they needed

NIF needed to streamline staff and member onboarding, and create a secure method of managing internal documents that its 100 sub-companies could easily duplicate.

How they did it

About 1,500 Nintex workflows manage onboarding, including provisioning and Active Directory creation, and make setting permissions and rights for documents simple.

Nintex Platform improves workflow adoption, security and efficiency

Fredrik Andresen, senior SharePoint consultant at NIF, initially provided several options. After seeing Nintex for the first time, Nordli says he knew “that’s what we needed.”

Onboarding new staff for sub-companies with five employees is now the same process as it is for those with 300 employees. What used to take up to two weeks now comes back to the user in less than an hour. NIF IT Operation Manager Mikael Jansson says this workflow alone saves him 800 hours and € 80,000 a year.

Before Nintex, Nordli says, “I was surprised if they could get one user provisioning done correctly.” Now most of them are nearly perfect because it’s done automatically. Thanks in part to workflow reusability, some 1,500 workflows ensure that NIF members and volunteers can spend more time in the game than in the cubicle.

What Nintex gives end users is a dependable service. Users know what we will deliver, and can expect a timeframe in which we will deliver it. It’s quality assurance for IT.
Kjell-Rune Nordli, Collaboration System Owner, Sports Office, NIF
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