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Nintex streamlines team onboarding and system migration to Salesforce

At the turn of 2019, the Nintex Promapp® sales team undertook a significant migration from their legacy CRM to the Salesforce environment which was being used by the wider company. The transition could have been massively disruptive for the team, who rely on clear, efficient systems to facilitate their responsiveness to prospects and customers alike.

However, by utilizing Nintex Promapp® to make the change, they were able to continue performing at their peak with very little interruption.

Nintex Promapp® is the best-in-market process management tool that allows teams to engage with their key processes through a simple, easy-to-use platform while providing powerful enterprise-level capabilities. The team was already using Nintex Promapp® for managing their processes and saw the value in leveraging the platform’s capabilities to execute the change.

By continuously receiving feedback, examining the processes and responding efficiently, they were able to refine procedures quickly, before process breakdowns could cause problems for productivity.

Finding Success

cut in process inefficiencies


in excess savings per month

Increased collaboration, engagement and process quality

Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Nintex provides a process management and automation solution that has helped over 10,000 customers and partners in 90+ countries worldwide accelerate business results by digitally transforming workflows.

What they need

After acquiring Promapp®, Nintex was looking to quickly and efficiently combine the customer records of both organizations on Salesforce.

How they did it

Using Nintex Promapp®, Nintex managed to successfully migrate records and further implement the tool to cut the team's level of process inefficiency by 75%, which saves more than $85,000 per month.

Smooth migration to new CRM

Following the acquisition of process management specialist Promapp®, newly-formed Nintex teams needed a method to quickly and efficiently combine the customer records of both organizations.

In addition, both sales teams relied on existing processes which would need to change in order to ensure maximum efficiency and maintain first-rate customer service.

“We set ourselves a deadline of two weeks to have the new CRM system ready for business,” says Nintex Regional Sales Director for APAC, Sarah Mainprize. “This meant we only had a small window in which to migrate records and have everything operational on Salesforce, our CRM platform of choice.”

In two days of intensive Salesforce training sessions, the sales team was introduced to a series of newly-created, high-level processes in Nintex Promapp® which outlined how to manage future prospects and sales. By having a visual of these processes, the sales team had clear direction on how a sale should be managed.

“It was a true team effort where individual input was encouraged and then captured,” says Sarah. “By utilizing Nintex Promapp®’s feedback capability, we ensured that there was a record of every improvement suggestion, and that the relevant people were aware of them.”

Christian Lucarelli, Nintex VP of Sales in APAC says the overarching goal of the team was to complete the migration without having any detrimental impact on business operations. The aim was to avoid delays that would hinder the team’s ability to deliver quotes and communicate effectively with customers throughout the sales cycle.

Delivering value – now and in the future

Key processes were redesigned and redeployed without the need for a large, dedicated development team. Once the new processes were captured and operational, the sales team quickly got back to business-as-usual activity, and the positive impact of the changes soon became apparent.

“Based on the limited amount of disruption caused by the change, and the rapid onboarding of the Promapp® sales team, we’ve calculated that our level of process inefficiency was cut by 75%. That saves us more than $85,000 per month,” says Troy Sweeney, Nintex account executive and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

The success of the Salesforce migration means the sales team can personally endorse the power of Nintex Promapp®’s ability to drive process excellence and build a culture of ongoing improvement.

“We’ve been successful with our technology and it’s been amazing to see how powerful Nintex Promapp® has been for our own team,” says Christian. “When we share this experience with our customers and prospects, it really resonates with them.”

We’re always reminding the team that this is a work in progress, and we all want to make it as efficient as possible. Nintex Promapp® is great for driving that continuous improvement cycle.
Sarah Mainprize, Regional Sales Director for APAC, Nintex
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