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MT Højgaard speeds up deployment cycle with Nintex

Nintex’s ease of use drives adoption and delivers IT business value

MT Højgaard’s subsidiary Lindpro handles core electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems for industrial and commercial use. 400+ employees travel to construction sites in vans, gathering the information they need to fill out the required documentation using iPads. But existing forms were hosted in a central location slated for decommission.

The software they’d been using hadn’t seen development in three to four years. Shifting to online has been “a big challenge for our users,” says Kenneth Abraham, senior project manager in charge of knowledge management.

Abraham brought on Nintex partner, ProActive, to shift MT Højgaard from their existing platform Lotus Notes to Office 365. With concerns of introducing SharePoint and online collaboration to unfamiliar staff, Abraham selected Nintex since it is “such an easy product to adopt” and could deliver the workflows and forms the group needed.

With the previous system, employees had a few forms they could fill out with the help of a computer. But that hardly compares to being able to stand with the customer and tick through checkboxes and a workflow while having a conversation: Nintex Mobile App and Nintex Advanced Workflow for Office 365 makes that possible.

Finding success

sped-up deployment with drag-and-drop configuration

more time to spend with customers

supported culture shift to digitization

MT Højgaard
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

MT Højgaard is a group of seven construction companies with around 4,000 employees, focused primarily in the Nordic region, including Iceland and Greenland.

What they needed

A subsidiary of MT Højgaard looked to remove their dependency on paper-based forms as well as update and automate business processes.

How they did it

Nintex helped improve efficiency, increase the time employees can spend with customers, and decrease errors since staff can complete quality and assurance checks on-site.

Field workers keep processes moving—even offline

Nintex Mobile App simplifies the employees’ necessity to file forms and documentation directly from the field; they can even work offline and upload forms as soon as they’ve a WiFi signal. Errors have decreased since staff can complete quality and assurance checks while what they are checking is right in front of them.

Eliminating paper and duplicate forms saves not only time, but also printer and toner costs, while ensuring that documentation is archived properly. “Nintex makes it possible for the business to focus on the customers and the IT-department to decrease the time from idea to solution by speeding up the deployment cycle,” Abraham says.

Nintex is such an easy product to adopt. It makes IT deliver business value right from the start.
Kenneth Abraham, Senior Project Manager, MT Højgaard
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