U.K.’s largest pub and restaurant operator raises the bar with Nintex

Nintex Modern Forms reduce audit time

With more than 1,700 businesses, Mitchells & Butlers is the U.K.’s largest operator of managed restaurants and pubs. Their manual, paper-based processes, slowed down their retail business managers. They regularly examined stacks of safety management forms at one facility, and when they completed that review, they’d start the process all over again at the next location. In all, they manually inspected three million pieces of paper per year.

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Mitchells & Butlers
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Who they are

Mitchells & Butlers runs many of the UK’s most famous restaurant and pub brands, as well as some of its most beautiful and iconic pubs.

What they needed

Mitchells & Butlers’ retail business managers spent between 30 and 60 hours every three months reviewing safety paperwork for each restaurant. They needed a way to free up their time, while improving safety assurance.

How they did it

The company implemented Advanced Workflow and Modern Forms to centralize reporting and enhance communications throughout the company. Forms and reports can be viewed quickly by employees no matter where they are so action can be taken immediately.

Advanced Workflow and Modern Forms remove the paperwork

With the implementation of Advanced Workflow, retail business managers are no longer buried beneath mounds of paperwork—saving approximately 23,400 hours a year. They no longer need to audit the forms; Modern Forms flags incorrect or incomplete entries. And they can easily view the forms or aggregated reports from wherever they are, so they take quick action to resolve problems, instead of discovering three-month-old problems during quarterly reviews.

“The manual completion and inspection of forms was a completely and utterly counterproductive process,” says Ian Cutler, safety assurance manager for Mitchells & Butlers. “It added nothing to the safety management system and kept the managers from adding real value to the company.”

We have a very mobile workforce, and we needed a way for them to capture, assess, and use information to increase the success of our business. Nintex Mobile apps makes this possible.
Ian Cutler, Safety Assurance Manager, Mitchells & Butlers

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