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Major U.S. law firm will save millions in storage costs with Nintex

Making the impossible possible

A major U.S. law firm with offices throughout the U.S., has long taken a technology-driven approach to scaling up its growth, controlling costs, and delivering ever-higher levels of client care. Following the adoption of a new client records retention policy, the firm turned its attention to one of the banes of almost all law firms: the costs and liabilities of file storage. The new policy allowed for the destruction of client records 10 years after a case is completed, pending client notification.

The firm developed an implementation plan for the new policy but leveraging just standard mail-merge functionality (using Excel) would take thousands of staff-hours and years to complete – until Nintex. Using Nintex Workflow and Nintex DocGen®, the firm automated the entire process of notifying clients – from finding qualifying files, generating client notification letters and envelopes, and tracking the process.


reduction in file inventory

Reduces offices file costs by 75%, saving $6 million

Reduces client exposure to discovery motions

Major U.S. Law Firm
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Capabilities Used
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Who they are

This major U.S. law firm with more than 1,100 attorneys in 23 U.S. cities partners with clients across every industry sector to help them achieve their business goals.

What they needed

The law firm identified 100k+ boxes of client files that could be returned or destroyed—if a practical process could be created to do so.

How they did it

The firm used Nintex to create a Legacy File process that automates and streamlines the process of identifying qualifying files, notifying clients, and tracking the process.

Cutting costs by 75%

The legacy file process uses a Nintex Form to show the records managers the client data, related matters, and additional tracking fields. They review the data and initiate a workflow that uses Nintex DocGen® to create customized client letters with an addressed envelope, table of matters eligible for destruction, and response form. The workflow also populates relevant data to a client-letter library.

With Nintex, the firm now has an efficient and scalable legacy file process and has begun implementing it across all offices at an estimated 75% reduction in labor and cost over the mail merge options. And the firm expects realize even more savings, as over time the cost to store records in off-site warehouses will naturally be reduced as well.

Nintex made the impossible possible. There’s a reason we never implemented a process to destroy or return old files before Nintex.
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