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Lumo Energy Standardizes 600 Processes, Reducing Customer Churn and Increasing Employee Engagement

Process mapping helps Lumo Energy transform its business

With high staff turnover and a slow rate of process change, Lumo Energy was wasting time and money attempting to document its business processes. Miscommunication was rampant, with many departments unaware they used similar processes within the company. Documenting these procedures was an imposing hurdle, and improving them was an even more distant goal.

Executive leadership was searching for a new, simpler way to capture and improve processes, and a way to increase employee collaboration. To do this, they turned to Nintex Promapp®.

Finding success

reduction in ombudsman complaints


increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)


reduction in contacts per customer

Lumo Energy
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Lumo Energy is an energy retailer owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, one of Australia’s largest and oldest renewable energy generators. It operates in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

What they needed

A simple, centralized way to document and improve business processes while promoting cross-company collaboration and consistent process improvement.

How they did it

Lumo Energy implemented Nintex Promapp® to standardize processes and increase visibility of overlapping areas.

Process Improvement Reduces Strains and Increases Employee Engagement

Lumo Energy’s implementation of Nintex Promapp® involved two aspects: (1) grouping processes by function (instead of business unit), and (2) getting business owners
to buy into the program. The first allowed employees to think in terms of larger business operations rather than departmental divides, and the second ensured leadership would prioritize the program and set aside resources to capture processes. This model resulted in a high degree of engagement and more than 500 processes documented within a year.

Nintex Promapp® caused a dramatic shift within the company, encouraging teams to read, use and improve processes regularly. Access to a “single source of truth” allowed employees to maintain consistent processes across departments (where before they were unaware of shared procedures), cementing Nintex Promapp® as central to the business. Benefits have included reductions in contacts per customer, less customer churn and fewer ombudsman complaints, along with increased employee engagement scores.

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