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Junior Achievement saves valuable time and resources with eSignature

Serving nearly 128,000 classrooms and after-school locations across the United States, Junior Achievement (JA) USA is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the nation according to Forbes’ list of The 100 Largest U.S. Charities. The organization’s driving mission is “to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy” across urban, suburban, and rural school districts. Every school year, 100+ local JA area offices champion this mission in communities across the nation as they prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world through school and community-based programs. JA’s volunteer-delivered, kindergarten to 12th grade programs foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy skills and use experiential learning to inspire students to dream big and reach their potential.


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Junior Achievement
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Who they are

Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide is a global non-profit youth organization founded in 1919 by Horace A. Moses, Theodore Vail, and Winthrop M. Crane. JA works with local businesses, schools, and organizations to deliver experiential learning programs in the areas of work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship to students from ages 5 to 25.

What they needed

The organization’s laborious paperwork process was disjointed and often resulted in delayed responses, incomplete documents, non-binding signatures, wasted time, and, ultimately, fewer volunteers.

How they did it

Nintex AssureSign® helped to streamline JA’s business practice while allowing them to provide a quality and timely response to their volunteers.

Digitizing the registration process

Challenge: Antiquated processes were draining time and revenue

To bring these opportunities to 3 million students per year—and growing—JA area offices ask business professionals, college students, parents, and other members of the community to volunteer their time and expertise in classrooms and virtual experiences.

When registering to participate, volunteers must complete several forms prior to engaging with students, such as the Volunteer Conduct Standards, Social Media Policy, and Media Release acknowledgements.

Offices largely distributed and collected these paper forms in-person or as scanned email attachments. The process was disjointed and often resulted in delayed responses, incomplete documents, non-binding signatures, wasted time, and, ultimately, fewer volunteers.

These manual processes left many of the non-profit’s largest areas exhausting a considerable amount of resources. The JA of Dallas office wasted upwards of 30,000 pieces of paper each school year between volunteer registrations and various student programs. The friction from all that physical paperwork required a significant amount of time, too.

Solution: Accelerated volunteer registrations

After years of laborious methods, one area office discovered a better way. JA of Greater Kansas City discovered the power and convenience of eSignature after digitally transforming their volunteer registration process with Nintex AssureSign®. “It was absolutely worth the investment,” said a member of local leadership. “It helped us streamline our business practice while allowing us to provide a quality and timely response to our volunteers!” After Kansas City simplified and streamlined their registration process with eSignature, it didn’t take long for the national office to notice the resulting improvements and efficiencies.

The following year, JA USA partnered with Nintex AssureSign® to develop a national strategy aimed at encouraging other JA area offices to digitize their internal processes with eSignature. Approximately one-third of the organization’s area offices adopted eSignature prior to volunteer recruiting season. They noticed dramatic improvements almost immediately.

Offices empowered with eSign began saving time and resources by building templates for universal or commonly requested forms, such as volunteer forms, one time and one time only! When finished and saved, offices can provide these forms to hundreds of thousands of volunteers—school year after school year—via email, text, or even their webpage using a Nintex AssureSign® Static Link, all without ever having to rebuild or maintain any templates.

By providing volunteers with a start-to-finish registration process through single or bulk email sending, tablets at volunteer kiosks, or a JA area’s website, JA offices now enjoy turnaround times averaging less than 24 hours and receive nearly all completed documents without any errors or omissions.
Since implementing Nintex AssureSign® eSignature, many JA offices receive up to 90 percent of their registrations electronically and register more volunteers than ever before. Many areas attribute their increased volunteer numbers to a completely digital registration process with no physical touchpoints. In addition to volunteer registrations, many offices brought their event/project verification procedure online as well, eliminating time (and gas) previously wasted on back-and-forth trips.

Whether it’s volunteers filling out registration forms or teachers completing classroom activity verifications, submitted documents are automatically routed to the originating JA area office’s Nintex AssureSign® sub-account and stored for 24/7, controlled access. In addition to automatic document routing to sub-accounts, many JA areas have further streamlined their operations by creating a custom document routing workflow. These custom workflows create and route additional copies to designated cloud storage or to BCRM—the nonprofit’s Blackbaud Constituent Relationship Management system.
By digitizing these and other processes like pledge tracking and annual compliance audits, JA areas are empowered to eliminate storage and other extraneous costs while further investing in their communities, schools, and students!

Identifying a tool like Nintex AssureSign® that streamlines our processes, saves time, and allows us to reserve financial resources which really makes this partnership a win-win.
Laura Goodman, Vice President of Volunteer Engagement, Junior Achievement
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