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Innovatix transforms document processes with eSignature

Innovatix, LLC is the nation’s largest group purchasing organization (GPO) serving the non-acute care marketplace, helping thousands of members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico achieve substantial savings on their daily purchases. Innovatix is dedicated to maintaining and growing an industry-leading contract portfolio of products and services that supports the goal of reducing expenses, while helping maintain and enhance the quality of services and care provided.

Affiliate GPO, Essensa is the newest and fastest-growing GPO offering solutions for improved operating margins and supply chain management efficiencies for non-acute health care providers and other commercial markets nationwide. The companies manage a contract portfolio that gives preferred pricing for a vendor’s products and/or services; they facilitate their members’ execution of these contracts and work with wholesalers to ensure members are getting their proper pricing.

To join the Innovatix or Essensa GPO, prospects must submit membership paperwork and contract documents with varying levels of detail. In some cases, there could be dozens of documents totaling over 100 pages. Many of these documents are provided by vendors, limiting the flexibility in streamlining the volume of paperwork.

Faster and easier process

Eliminates paper

Visibility into status of documentation

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Capabilities Used

Who they are

Innovatix, LLC and Essensa are affiliated group purchasing organizations (GPO), helping thousands of members throughout the United States and Puerto Rico achieve substantial savings on their daily purchases.

What they needed

As the company built a document generation system on Microsoft Dynamics for its membership paperwork, it needed integration with an electronic signature solution to complete the process.

How they did it

Using Nintex AssureSign®, Innovatix built a complete solution to generate documents and send out for signature quickly and easily, resulting in a greatly accelerated process.

Creating a completely paperless process

Challenge: Streamline membership paperwork process

In order to make account representatives and internal support staff more efficient, the company wanted to transition from a paper-based system to an electronic document generation system that integrated with their recent implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and supported automatic identification of documents and electronic (digital) signatures.

Solution: Integration with eSignature

Innovatix and Essensa maintain a contract portfolio with thousands of contracts, and processes over 10,000 contract documents per month. To efficiently manage this, a document generation and electronic signature solution was needed.

The document generation solution was custom-built by the company’s internal development team, led by Senior Developer Travis Young. It integrated with the company’s internal CRM system (Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2011) and relied on Microsoft SharePoint and many custom solutions to provide a web-based document generation platform. This solved one part of the problem by allowing account representatives to search, review, generate and transmit large volumes of documents entirely from their web browser – no more paper to carry around and fill out.

The electronic signature solution required partnering with a company that had proven expertise in the field. In reviewing the marketplace, many solutions required uploading individual documents to a cloud-based service, then using a browser-based form editor to create signature fields and form fields. Aside from the lack of flexibility, this would have required the company to manage multiple versions of each document: an internal PDF version, and the “digitally signed” version. In contrast, Nintex AssureSign®’s robust API enabled Innovatix to control the document generation and signing process programmatically, by allowing the company to translate their internal PDF documents (with their PDF form fields already existing) using code to Nintex AssureSign® templates, eliminating the need for them to manage two sets of documents, and allowing them to have one process that handles the transition from “paper” (PDF) to electronic signature, seamlessly and predictably.

Nintex AssureSign®’s web services further allowed tight integration into their existing business process. Using this integrated solution, users are able to manage member and prospect information in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, generate and assemble all the documents to be sent and/or signed by the member or prospect, identify named parties and signatories, and review all information before generating documents. Users then have the option to create PDF documents with bar codes that can later be faxed or scanned, or translate the PDF documents into Nintex AssureSign® templates and begin the electronic signature process with their internal systems, so the appropriate departments are aware when documents are signed, expired, rejected, etc., creating a completely paperless process.

The Nintex AssureSign® integrated solution enables Innovatix to generate documents and send out for signature quickly and easily, resulting in a greatly accelerated process, which is now managed electronically – they often go from start to end without generating a single piece of paper internally, and when members sign electronically, there is not a single piece of paper generated for them, either. The electronic signature process is greatly expanding within Innovatix, with the number of documents electronically signed increasing over 500% between January 2013 and June 2013.

The ability for us to manage the entire flow of the document creation and electronic signature process via code is incredibly powerful.
Brian DeMarzo, Director of Technology, Innovatix
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