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Data insights spur hybrid work model at statutory agency

Throughout the pandemic, businesses everywhere have struggled to keep their employees safe. So how does a public agency that’s dedicated to promoting worker health and safety in other organizations protect its own employees?

This Canadian public agency has not only answered the question successfully but has also managed to reduce development costs by 75% and help make employees more efficient and productive. The secret sauce in its recipe for better worker health and safety: K2 Software’s SmartForms and workflow.

The agency wanted to create an effective, data-driven hybrid work model for the long term. To do so it needed a more productive way to manage the return-to-work process and better understanding of how its employees work – including where and why. It was important to know which employees are onsite, where they are onsite, and why their work requires them to be onsite.

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Statutory agency
Capabilities Used
Automation On-Prem

Who they are

This statutory agency partners with employers and workers in to help prevent workplace injury, illness, and disease; rehabilitate the injured; provide fair compensation for lost wages; and ensure sound financial management for workers’ compensation.

What they needed

After relocating 3,500 employees to remote working, the agency needed an automated solution to manage their return—and to glean data insights for a new, hybrid work model.

How they did it

A smart forms and workflow solution based on K2 Software includes a return-to-office form, acknowledgment of COVID-19 requirements, and identifies when, where, and why employees enter the office—connecting to a Power BI dashboard that yields data insights.

An automated solution that saves 75% in development cost

Using the K2 Software it already licensed and uses, the agency business analyst quickly created the solution—saving the agency 75% in personnel costs. The solution interoperates with the data platform the agency already uses, so the choice for the data and analysis side of the solution was also a no-brainer: Microsoft SQL Server for data storage and management, connecting to a Power BI dashboard for insight, analysis, and reports.

Thanks to the data insights possible, the agency now knows how many people enter its 15 offices daily for quick drop-ins, IT appointments, full-day business visits, on-site meetings, and more. The agency uses these insights to better organize temporary workstations, custodian sanitation schedules, IT appointment processes, meeting room resources, walking paths, and more. The learnings have enabled the organizations executive leadership team to create a hybrid work model – that both addresses the needs of the pandemic and improves productivity.

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