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CorVel delivers commission checks to sales teams faster

The CorVel Corporation is a publicly-traded company that provides risk management solutions in workers’ compensation, auto insurance, health and disability management. With approximately 4,000 users of its own proprietary software solutions, the Corvel Corporation identifies and addresses areas of liability, cost containment, claim review and other services for its customers.

CorVel’s software development team initially used K2 Software to manage workflows for its customers, not for itself; but, once employees began to see how easily K2 Software handled information – with absolute precision and speed – the IT staff deployed K2 Software for CorVel’s internal functions.

In addition to commission management and vendor requests for CorVel’s internal workflow, the company also relies on K2 Software for system onboarding, internal equipment ordering and processes that span across multiple departments using processes that don’t always sync.

Streamline sales reporting

Faster commission payment

Improved employee productivity

CorVel Corporation
Financial Services
Health & Life Sciences
Capabilities Used
Automation On-Prem

Who they are

CorVel Corporation is an American provider of healthcare management services for workers' compensation, auto & liability, group health, and disability insurance markets.

What they needed

CorVel Corporation needed process automation to supports internal sales functions.

How they did it

The company used K2 Software to automate its commission management system.

Ease-of-use makes employees rave

Challenge: Various and competing workflows

As is so commonly the case with organizations experiencing explosive growth, the CorVel Corporation employees were utilizing a large variety of disparate workflow applications, some of which competed with one another.

Solution: Simplified, unified processes

Using K2 Software turned CorVel Corporation automated its commission management system. The amount of time required for each of the micro-steps, including submitting sales reports, getting them reviewed and gaining approval, was dramatically cut and led to faster payment to the all-important sales team.

K2 Software’s modern system featured a contemporary interface that was much easier and less cumbersome. Employees rave about the noticeable improvement as well as better productivity to focus on tasks more important than filing reports and chasing down approvals.

Before we adopted K2 Software, we were using a variety of workflow applications. We needed a more up-to-date system and a contemporary interface. With K2 Software, our people were happier with the result. It’s just a lot easier to use.
Matthew Smith, Director of Training, CorVel Corporation
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