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Consumer electronics enterprise speeds sales and marketing with Nintex

Consumer electronics giant uses Nintex Workflow for one-of-a-kind marketing experiences, vendor bidding, employee onboarding, research & development, and much more.

With more than 20 years in business, this company has been at the forefront of consumer electronics. Ever-increasing agility is one key to the company’s continued technological innovation and market success. Processes for everything from research and development to booking sales and marketing activities have to be nimbler than ever before—and they are. So are the processes by which they are automated. At the heart of those faster, more agile processes is the company’s use of Nintex for Office 365.

The success of Nintex workflow automation has encouraged the company to use it in other ways, such as the process by which third-party vendors bid for its contracts, and in employee onboarding and engagement. The company also uses Nintex Workflow to expedite and help ensure the accuracy of one of its most important marketing and sales activities. The company promotes and sells its VR offering in part through its one-of-a-kind marketing experiences in third-party retail outlets. To manage this process of creating and stocking these booths, it created a series of workflows automated with Nintex. Notifications to the store manager help to ensure that the sales and marketing booths are built and stocked efficiently, maximizing their sales potential.

Enables workflow creation by non-technical employees


Increase in workflow development speeds

Two months saved in development time

Consumer Electronics Enterprise
Capabilities Used
Automation Cloud

Who they are

This leading consumer electronics company is a global innovator in smart mobile devices and technology and has produced award-winning products and industry firsts since its inception over 20 years ago.

What they need

To manage processes as diverse as consumer sales to ISO documentation and onboarding employees, the company wanted a workflow solution as dynamic and easy as its own products.

How they did it

The company adopted Nintex for SharePoint and Office 365 as the basis for approval, booking, and change processes.

Speeds workflow development

Initially, the company used SharePoint Designer to create workflows but didn’t find it very friendly for non-technical users. The need to rely on technical staff to create business workflows slowed down the business managers who wanted to respond to new business needs, not learn the intricacies of software tools. Some alternative solutions would have required the company to adopt and maintain a second workflow engine.

As the company has migrated to Office 365, it’s continued to rely on Nintex for digital process automation with Nintex for Office 365. Nintex has helped its employees extend the power of Office 365 as they’re able to leverage it on their own, without help from IT to improve the way they work.

Nintex helps us get the most from our move to the cloud. It’s one of our tools, like OneDrive, that our employees can use on their own to work better, smarter, and faster.
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