Colorpak Simplifies Processes and Dramatically Improves Customer Experience

Effective process management results in improved quality and service delivery

Without one unified way to manage risks and log incidents, Colorpak’s service quality suffered. Most incidents were generated by customer complaints, which negatively impacted customers’ experiences and brand perceptions. Lacking cohesive company-wide procedures, Colorpak wanted to increase staff engagement and empower them to take responsibility for mapping and improving work processes. Standardizing processes would allow Colorpak to improve customer experiences and reduce costly mistakes.

Despite a strategy focused on service, Colorpak still needed a tool to improve delivery accuracy and address incidents before they impact clients. The company turned to Nintex to help improve risk management and deal with issues as they arose.

Finding success

Improved delivery levels, accuracy and staff engagement.

Simplified risk and incident management.

Recent customer satisfaction feedback placed Colorpak at the top level of packaging suppliers.

Capabilities Used
Process Mapping

Who they are

Colorpak, and their sub-business BrandPack, design, print and manufacture cardboard cartons and packaging for a wide range of consumer products — from beer and chocolate to paracetamol tablets.

What they needed

A single-source solution for best-practice processes, simplified risk and incident management, and improved process management.

How they did it

Colorpak implemented Nintex Promapp® as a tool to manage risks and incidents, and a reference point for process information.

Centralized Process Information Increases Accuracy and Improves Service Delivery

With the goal of increasing staff engagement and getting employees to take responsibility for documenting and improving processes, Colorpak trained staff on Nintex
Promapp®. The subsequent collaboration and constructive debate helped develop and deploy company best practices, with the software serving as a reference point for process information.

Once most processes were mapped, Colorpak overlayed the risk and incident management add-ons. These additional layers helped integrate critical requirements for the business and avoid mistakes that had previously impacted clients. They also emphasized continuous improvement, with all processes visible and subject to ongoing staff feedback.

Ultimately, Nintex Promapp® sharpened Colorpak’s processes in ways that resulted in improved delivery levels, more engaged staff and excellent customer satisfaction feedback that placed Colorpak at the top level of packaging suppliers. The company can now go weeks without a single error, and has a framework in place to support ongoing improvements.

Colorpak is performing at a world-class level. I’m quite proud of it. I know that our customers appreciate it, and I’m very pleased that Nintex Promapp® has formed part of our operational strategy for getting to where we are now.
Garth Pickett, General Manager, Colorpak
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