Australian port uses the Nintex Workflow Platform to streamline complex projects

Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms accelerate cost savings and add business value for project development management.

Fremantle Ports, strategic manager of one of Australia’s largest general cargo ports, adopted a Nintex-based solution for the planning, development, and implementation for all complex projects. This solution speeds the development of project concepts, streamlines compliance activities, reduces risk, adds value to project outcomes, and optimizes project costs. It ensures that planners and managers have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. Full project visibility and approval alerts keep projects on track. No wonder user adoption was quick, broad, and enthusiastic.

As with many major developments, some capital projects undertaken by Fremantle Ports have lengthy lead times, which can add complexity and expense. As cost and complexity grow, projects must continue to comply with ever-changing laws and regulatory requirements, fit within budgets, and continue to meet changing customer requirements. Reducing complexity can be challenging, since Fremantle Ports has numerous stakeholders; it draws input to major projects from its four divisions, each participating as appropriate to ensure project success.

Finding success

Speeds up project approvals and improves project delivery

Facilitates compliance, auditing, and decision-making

Enables better project planning, resulting in better project execution

Fremantle Ports
Capabilities Used
Advanced Workflow
Modern Forms

Who they are

Fremantle Ports is a Western Australian Government owned trading enterprise that facilitates trade through the State’s largest general cargo port. The total value of trade handled in 2015-16 was AU$26.1 billion.

What they needed

Fremantle Ports manages large capital projects and recognizes the value of process automations that reduce risk, are cost effective and facilitate compliance.

How they did it

Technology solutions provider Diversus used SharePoint 2013 with Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to build a custom Project Development Register (PDR) that automates five major processes with multiple steps and 14 templates into an end-to-end workflow. PDR provides project development updates to stakeholders and aggregates project development information for easy viewing.

Nintex solution leverages existing systems to maximize ROI

With the help of solution provider Diversus, Fremantle Ports did away with manual systems in favor of a streamlined project development system that leverages SharePoint 2013 using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow. The system replaces 14 manual forms, automates project development approval processes, and improves overall project outcomes while meeting the specific needs of those involved.

A notable bonus, implementing the Nintex platform for SharePoint allowed Fremantle Ports to maximize its original return on investment on the SharePoint 2013 platform. Diversus also leveraged Fremantle Ports’ existing records management system (Hewlett Packard’s EDRM system) by customizing a connection for storing and accessing files and uploading snapshots of completed gates, or milestones, into the HP Records Manager system. This enables future retrieval during audits and as needed.

“With the addition of the Nintex Workflow Platform to our existing system, we meet our complex project development, justification, and compliance needs with a solution that brings the right people and all the right information together in one place,” says Coventry. “Our Nintex and SharePoint-based PDR helps to ensure we get our approvals done on time, make the right decisions based on the right information, and develop our projects with efficiency and transparency. As 80 percent of project success is in the planning, PDR is delivering great value.”

With the addition of the Nintex Platform to our existing system, we meet our complex project development, justification, and compliance needs with a solution that brings the right people and all the right information together in one place.
Alison Coventry, Change Facilitator, Fremantle Ports
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