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Your search for the premeire Dynamics 365 eSignature integration is over

While Nintex AssureSign®’s platform integrates with many popular CRMs, it’s our Dynamics integration that distinguish us from the competition. In fact, it was the rapidly growing interest with our Dynamics 365 integration that led us to sponsor Summit at the gold level and showcase our premier eSignature integration for hundreds of CRMUG members at one time.

When it comes to exceptional digital transaction and document management, Nintex AssureSign® has been recognized as a pioneer in the eSignature industry time and time again. Yet, while our entire repertoire of solutions embodies industry-leading innovation, it’s the host of unique capabilities within our CRM integration that generates specific and overwhelming interest with Dynamics users:

1. An application native to Dynamics 365

The last thing Dynamics users want to do is remember another separate set of login credentials or interact with a separate software. Microsoft partners and Dynamics users look to manage documents and electronic signatures inside their CRM workflows. Users expect integrations that can:

  • Launch and send documents directly from Dynamics entities
  • Send multiple documents to multiple signers
  • Generate bulk sending of documents to multiple signers at once

Our eSignature Dynamics 365 integration is capable of these essential functions that Dynamics users should expect from most sophisticated eSignature integrations. However, we’re not interested in the status quo… we’re invested in innovation. Which is why our integration provides you with far more than the bare essentials:

  • Custom Branding. Your customers’ signing portal will present the look and feel of your company’s branding. It may be out secure and reliable, but it’s your brand, logo, and color scheme that signers will see.
  • Bidirectional APIs. Use webhooks to automatically push data typed into a document by your signer into designated Dynamics fields and entities.
  • Data Storage Options. Conserve data expenses by leveraging different storage options, like automatically storing documents onto SharePoint.

It may go without saying that utilizing an electronic signature integration will conserve a host of costly resources. Paper, postage, delivery, and faxing expenses are reduced to fractions of what they once imposed on your fiscal budget. eSignature nearly obliterates trivial, yet costly expenses, all while simultaneously providing a generous surplus of your most precious resource of all…TIME!

2. Enhanced customer service

For customer-facing employees working with Dynamics, utilizing a document workflow that’s reliable, easy to use, and reduces time spent tracking a document’s progress is essential. Nintex AssureSign®’s seamless eSignature integration with Dynamics 365 eliminates the need for employees to login to multiple platforms to accomplish a single on-boarding or document signing task. By leveraging a unified login portal and user interface, employees can accomplish the same tasks in a shorter amount of time, not to mention provide an improved customer experience.

Are You Using this Secret Weapon to Drive More Business with Microsoft Dynamics?

Gone are the days when your business will provide printing, signing, and scanning instructions through email with attached documents. Dynamics users have the full capability to provide their customers with an in-person signing link within CRM, and now even via SMS text message. This advantage is two-fold. Not only does the customer enjoy a quick, convenient, and mobile signing experience, but you receive the documents back in record time! And remember… it may be our signing link, but it’s your organization’s custom branding your signer will see throughout their personalized signing portal.

Our customers and those in the market for an eSignature integration find our Dynamics integration to be one of the most robust and intuitive eSign integrations available for the CRM… and it’s not by coincidence! We use Dynamics 365 for our internal workflows and relationship management. One of the reasons we’re distinguished from our competitors as impressively customer-centric is our ability to quickly and confidently remedy troubleshooting and meet additional business needs through utilization of Dynamics 365. We know what enhances your Dynamics experience because we experience its performance first hand!

3. Mobile minded

A major criteria for any Dynamics user and partner is the ability to support customers from any location, whether it’s in the office or on the go. Additionally, the generational shift among today’s workforce invites organizations like Microsoft to think differently about how to empower its CRM users to work efficiently and effectively.

Our innovative solution supports this “mobile minded” initiative by leveraging modern technologies within our Dynamics integration. Our in-person signing link is equipped with our platform’s ability to identify what type of device is being used to access the signing platform. This allows the customer’s signing portal to recognize if it’s accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and auto-adjust its page properties and zooming mechanisms accordingly. Additionally, smartphone and tablet users can utilize their build in camera and file storage when adding attachments to the document!

We’ve taken our commitment to mobile technology innovation even further by becoming the first—and currently only—eSign vendor to enable sending documents out for signature via SMS/text message. Your customers will thank you after they’ve signed documents from their iPhone in a matter of minutes—not to mention your boss’ high praises for sealing the deal just as quickly!

Integrating natively with Dynamics 365, enabling customer-centricity, and generating mobile innovation yield a best-in-class Dynamics 365 eSignature integration. We set the bar when it comes to digital transaction and document management within Dynamics, but don’t take our word for it… find out for yourself with a complimentary trial of our integration!



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