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Workflow Wonders featuring Williams Engineering Canada

In our newest webinar series, Workflow Wonders, we hear from customers and partners from around the world who are revolutionizing their digital transformation journey with the power and ease of the Nintex Process Platform.

Join Nintex Marketing Manager, Elise Harrington, as she connects with Nintex Customers and Partners to hear first-hand how they are creating process automation solutions and transforming the way people work.

We were thrilled to kick off the first episode of this series featuring Santiago Gomez, Digital Transformation Director of Williams Engineering Canada.

Watch the Workflow Wonders with Williams Engineering Canada on-demand now.

Williams Engineering Canada asks the question: disrupt or be disrupted?

Founded over 40 years ago, Williams Engineering Canada (WEC) is a multidisciplinary firm offering consulting engineering services with a driving purpose to brighten the lives of people in their communities by engineering sustainable cities that are safe, inclusive, and resilient.

WEC recognized several areas of cumbersome internal processes that were taking up valuable time of their employees and didn’t bring additional value to their customers.

They began their digital transformation journey by minimizing IT functions provided internally and converting to an outsourced model with support from various technology partners. Even with these changes, there was a continued drive to digital stemming from the need to compete with larger firms while not being weighed down by internal processes.

“We had been preparing for a market disruption in the form of a larger competitor or a new entrant to the market leveraging digital tools in new ways and without the legacy systems that hold us back,” shares Santiago Gomez, Digital Transformation Director at Williams Engineering Canada. “We asked ourselves ‘how do we disrupt our own business, so we don’t get disrupted,’ and we realized the answer was going digital.”

Less paperwork, more innovation

The main goal of their digital transformation was to allow employees to spend less time completing processes and give more time to the services they deliver to customers.

“We wanted to give our employees time for creativity, rather than taking up their time with forms to fill out,” shares Gomez. “We want them to be free to focus on innovation and the projects that bring direct value to our customers.”

Workflow Wonders - Williams Engineering Canada

Creating a quick-win solution

After attending the 2018 Nintex conference, Gomez knew Nintex would help WEC digitize and automate many of its manual paper-based processes. He identified the first process to introduce the Nintex Platform to WEC – the company’s vacation request form. When the new vacation request form built with Nintex Forms was rolled out, the adoption was overwhelmingly positive and the demand for Nintex throughout the business was evident.

“I’ve never seen adoption pick up so quickly,” shares Gomez. “We started seeing vacation requests come through and get approved very quickly, and every time the process was followed exactly. We knew we could bring the same standardization to other processes.”

The vacation request form was a quick win for WEC, but Gomez knew they would need help scaling more digital process automation solutions across the business. With help from Nintex partner Elantis Solutions Inc. WEC is now on its way to achieving its digital transformation goals. 

Deployment of the WEC Employee Toolkit

Following the success of the Vacation Request Form, Gomez and Elantis tackled transforming HR processes next. Using Nintex App Studio they completely transformed critical HR processes into one cohesive application – WEC’s employee toolkit.

Elantis digitized a suite of WEC’s HR forms (including on-boarding/off-boarding, probation review, training, and development reimbursement, leave of absence, and more) and centralized them in an employee dashboard available on both desktop and mobile. The forms are personalized to each employee and WEC branded, and the processes are supported by

The employee toolkit provided big wins for WEC by eliminating duplicate form entries (reducing re-work), creating visibility into tasks, and establishing a centralized HR application.

Improving Safety processes with Nintex Mobile Forms

At the 2018 Nintex conference, Gomez attended a session featuring Naylor Love’s solution for safety processes and Gomez knew they could utilize a similar solution. The session inspired the next process automated with Nintex – WEC’s Job Hazard Assessment.

WEC’s Safety Coordinator, Gomez, and Elantis developed a solution using Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow, and the Nintex App Studio to create a fully customized and automated solution, eliminating the need for paper forms completely – and saving valuable time on job sites.

Now, employees can submit safety forms from a mobile device on and offline, and information is routed to the required stakeholders automatically. The solution saves employees significant time and improves data accuracy, reporting, and compliance. Best of all, making updates to the forms is easy. When WEC needed to update its safety forms to include fields related to COVID-19, all they had to do was add the necessary questions to the and republish.

Future vision

Workflow Wonders - Williams Engineering Canada

As more employees and teams have seen the power and impact of Nintex, the demand continues to grow across WEC. Since implementing Nintex, WEC is continuing to expand and improve its solutions by optimizing processes with reporting and dashboards, and leveraging Nintex Promapp® to democratize continuous improvement efforts company-wide.

“You don’t have to be a big company to digitally transform your business. Many small businesses hear ‘digital transformation’ and think they don’t have the resources. But with partners like Elantis, and low-code software like Nintex, it is possible,” adds Gomez.



To request a personalized demo of the Nintex Process Platform, click here. If you’d like to learn how Elantis can help you scale digital process automation at your organization, contact Elantis today.



Annie McIntosh

As a member of the Nintex Corporate Marketing team, Annie McIntosh spends her time creating content and delivering great experiences for Nintex customers and partners.

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