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Workflow Wonders featuring Quaker Houghton Recap

In the latest episode of Workflow Wonders we heard how Quaker Houghton leveraged Nintex Workflow and Forms to enhance its customer experience. When the company’s sales and service personnel needed a better, faster way of processing customer requests and a method for tracking, approving, and reporting lab results, they turned to Nintex to automate and manage the process.

 Quaker Houghton

Quaker Houghton, the global leader in industrial process fluids, receives over 800 lab requests per year. The company operates in more than 25 countries and uses an array of labs to process samples and send the results back to their customers. Their customers work in advanced and specialized industries ranging from steel to aerospace, and everything in between, and rely on Quaker Houghton’s precise fluids to keep their manufacturing processes running smoothly.

When the company encountered long wait times for their customers, they sought to enhance the customer experience through process improvements.

Process pain-points

Originally, the process of initiating lab requests started out as a simple excel document, says Jessica Bijlemeer-Kroon, Service Chemist at Quaker Houghton.

Everyone worked separately – sometimes duplicating work as processes were mainly manual, de-centralized, and executed through e-mail. As more and more requests added up, the process became more intricate.

That’s when Jessica reached out to Teresa Fisher, SharePoint Architect at Quaker Houghton to find a solution that could offer visibility and streamline the process pain-points. 

The Power of Process™ with Nintex

Teresa had worked with Nintex before and knew that the no-code process platform would be intuitive and user-friendly. An intuitive interface to Teresa, meant they could create their desired solution without needing to rely on IT to maintain it, and as the process owners could support their own solutions.

Using Nintex Workflow and Forms, Teresa built a solution using complex, rules-based variables to identify the lab to direct the request. Customer-facing sales and service personnel access the lab request form via Nintex Forms from an online portal, and complete fields and drop-downs with details on the fluid type, how the customer uses it, and the resulting defect.

The workflow keeps things moving by generating and calculating the request IDs and target dates, while a coordinated approval workflow runs separately and assigns the task to an approver with actionable buttons and specific data about the request.

The company also utilizes a central dashboard that tracks each step of the process clearly to allow real-time access to information and status. Within Teresa’s solution, teams utilize Nintex Forms to calculate custom, filtered views for all the precise data they have collected and stored.

“We needed more digitization and a new way of working,” shares Jessica. “Now it’s a beautiful online place to put all our data.”

Real-time benefits

All this new, real-time insight has allowed Quaker Houghton to boost its responsiveness to customers.

The solution has also eliminated the time-consuming back and forth of emails between the service reps and the labs, so customers get faster turnarounds on their lab requests. To top it off, these process improvements have saved about 200 hours in administrative time. “Nintex is having a dramatic impact on our business,”  shares Teresa. “If we didn’t have Nintex, we’d have to invent it.”

Quaker Houghton’s solution is a great example of how the line of business and IT can work together to implement a complete and powerful solution with Nintex. To learn more about this solution and how Quaker Houghton is leveraging Nintex, read the case study.



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