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Workflow Wonders featuring Meals on Wheels Central Texas

Workflow Wonders highlights great people achieving great things with great technology. This week featured Nintex non-profit customer, Meals on Wheels Central Texas.

Our final Workflow Wonders episode of 2020 featuring Nintex customer Meals on Wheels Central Texas is now available to watch on-demand. And we’re ending the year on a positive note! After pledging $5 per registrant with the help of our wonderful community, Nintex donated $5,000 to Meals on Wheels Central Texas. Thanks for all your participation!

About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Central Texas is a non-profit based in Austin Texas – serving thousands of homebound seniors and disabled people throughout the greater Austin area.

Meals on Wheels provides warm breakfasts, lunches, and dinners based on client needs along with a long list of other services including home repairs, accessibility modifications, nutritional education, respite care, food and veterinary services for animals, and more.

Part of a greater entity that spans the United States, Meals on Wheels is not only a trusted brand in the Austin area but across the country.

We are proud to have them as Meals on Wheels as a Nintex customer and to support their mission.

Meals on Wheels Central Texas meets Nintex

David Thompson, Database Administrator at Meals on Wheels Central Texas shares how his team uses Nintex Drawloop DocGen® for Salesforce to generate government assessments, ensure document compliance, and provide detailed route sheets that populate important client information for every delivery such as location, diet restrictions, allergies, etc.

David began his introduction with, “I’ve only been with the organization for 14 years – which is short compared to some!” There’s certainly longevity with employees at this non-profit.

In 2018, David’s team chose Salesforce to manage all client and volunteer data in one location. Shortly after, they implemented Nintex Drawloop DocGen within their existing processes to generate mission-critical documents—from route sheets, assessments, to contracts—replacing tasks and complex coding situations that were slowing operations down.

Before Nintex, Meals on Wheels Central Texas was managing data for documentation with SQL Server and custom apps. They were using mail merge and VBA code to create important business documents. Unavoidably, all these systems made it difficult to maintain and update.

And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to update any business process at the drop of a hat is crucial to staying afloat.

“Getting our team to use the new solution with Nintex DocGen was easy because it’s much simpler than the old process,” David shared. “It’s intuitive and no longer required complex logic.”

Assessment records and state funding with Nintex DocGen

Meals on Wheels Central Texas generates assessment paperwork for state and local funding with the help of Nintex DocGen. State funders supply the non-profit with PDFs, and using Nintex DocGen, they’re able to tag and populate fields automatically depending on client data, financial information, or whatever a specific document requires.

Then the company’s assessment paperwork is printed for submission to local and state agencies, while a document is attached to the client’s record in Salesforce for auditing and compliance purposes.

Meals on Wheels generates more than 3,000 of these assessment records a year with Nintex Drawloop DocGen for Salesforce.

Reducing waste with digital route sheets

Each day, the company also generates route sheets for every driver that include directions along with important information about the specific needs of each client. These documents used to be printed for every route (which was roughly 250 a day).

With the help of Nintex DocGen, these route sheets can be created and distributed to delivery drivers more efficiently, and in a digital format, reducing paper waste and printing costs.

Nintex Workflow Cloud to manage volunteer applications

David’s latest project is using Nintex Workflow Cloud to manage the non-profits online volunteer application experience. Currently, all volunteer applications are manually reviewed and processed through a paper form.

Using Nintex Workflow Cloud, volunteer information will be collected from a digital form. Once submitted, a workflow kicks off and a new contact is created or an existing contact is updated in Salesforce. The workflow then creates a contract based on a volunteer’s preferences and availability then sends an e-signature request to the volunteer with Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign.

After the volunteer application is accepted and signed by both parties, Nintex Workflow Cloud will initiate an invite to a volunteer training program.

David learned how to use Nintex Workflow Cloud to build the digital volunteer application in just 4 days without any extensive formal training. Thanks to its intuitive drag and drop functionality and training documentation and videos available on Nintex University, David quickly built the solution and will be launching soon.

The quick and painless volunteer application process will help Meals on Wheels recruit more volunteers to support its services. We’re honored Meals on Wheels Central Texas chose Nintex to help achieve their mission.

Workflow Wonders in 2021

Thanks for your interest in Workflow Wonders. We’ll be back in 2021, starting with the first episode of the year on January 27 with Nintex customer GM Financial. Click here to register for the next session or watch all of these amazing workflow wonders stories on-demand.



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