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Workflow Wonders featuring Lands’ End

2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Award Winner, Lands’ End, joined host Nintex Corporate Marketing Manager, Elise Harrington, on the latest episode of Workflow Wonders – now available on-demand.

Lands’ End Senior Project Manager, Zach Munns, shared how they are driving their digital transformation journey with the Nintex Process Platform to speed customer orders, reduce rework, and boost vendor performance.

Behind the scenes with Lands’ End

Munns wasn’t joking when he mentioned employees carrying around manila folders. Lands’ End desperately wanted to streamline processes throughout the company. To do this, the business process management team at Lands’ End conducted time studies and value-stream mapping to identify the most difficult processes and the desired improvements to remove bottlenecks and eliminate errors.

He re-iterates the importance of their goal to improve their processes. “Automating a process is not solving a problem – it is just automating a problem”, he says. “It’s imperative to work smarter, not harder, and that’s what Nintex helps us to do.”

With the insights from value-streaming, the business process management team identified solutions utilizing Nintex Workflow and Forms, to eliminate manual hand-offs and create visibility into processes – particularly around their custom order process.

Market-leading retail and apparel

Lands’ End is known for its tailored and business-casual logoed apparel for office wear, trade shows, and company events. More than 100,000 airline personnel wear uniforms provided by Lands’ End and meteorologists at a major network wear the company’s outerwear and related clothing.

To meet these needs, Lands’ End must offer custom sizes, tailored for individual body types, in addition to off-the-rack sizes. Keeping its corporate customers satisfied means requires the company to handle individual custom orders as quickly and reliably as it handles standard orders. However, Lands’ Ends customer order process was extensively manual and paper-driven –causing errors and creating additional wait times for customers. This process, among others, led Lands’ End to seek a solution for process automation.

Driving workflow automation in a new world of work

Munns and the business process management team created a Nintex-based solution to improve and automate the custom order process using a Nintex Workflow initiated by the customer request. Using Nintex Forms to record the data and validate the request, it kicks off the transmission of a custom order form to the customer via Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Through the automated workflow, the completed form is sent back to Lands’ End, approved by staff, and routed, again via Nintex, to a vendor for manufacturing, along with a due date assigned by the solution. The vendor sends the completed back order to Lands’ End, which approves it and sends it to the customer. Every step of the process is time-stamped so it can be monitored and analyzed.

With help from Boost Strategy Partners, the internal team was able to utilize the Nintex Process Platform to create workflow-integrated vendor sites, with specified access of process-related information separated from core data and Lands’ End master files. These sites have auto-populated task lists and automatically send other data that re-populate back to the master list to keep every record current.  The solution was such a success, it’s why Lands’ End was selected for a 2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Award.

Establishing process excellence

Munns attributes their process automation success to recognizing and utilizing which workflow automation capabilities in the Nintex product stack work best for various processes.

In the year and a half that Lands’ End has been optimizing processes with Nintex Workflow and Forms, Nintex DocGen®, and Nintex Analytics, they have deployed over 90 end-to-end workflow solutions and saved over 87,000 hours.

“Our 120% ROI is a huge result. It shows that when you use Nintex properly, the sky’s the limit on what it can do for you.”

With these solutions, Munns has created a central repository, eliminated both paper and process waste, and improved visibility across teams. These solutions save roughly 4 hours per week and have eliminated rework throughout the measurement process. They’ve also reduced workflow steps by  76% and wait time by 35% – delivering custom orders one week faster. Most important of all, Lands’ End has improved its customer satisfaction with a technology-driven experience.

Munns also credits the valuable resources on Nintex University and help from Boost Strategy Partners, who helped implement their most complex process improvements. “We have to keep business going in this new world and Nintex has been a huge part of that for us,” adds Munns.



Don’t miss this episode including a live Q&A with Zach Munns where he covers how he trained himself on the Nintex Process Platform and was able to create simple solutions on their own. Watch the webcast on-demand available now.

See more about Lands’ End’s recognition as 2020 Nintex Solution Innovation Award Winner, or share their case study detailing their process excellence with your team.



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