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Workflow Wonders featuring Connetics Recap

Our latest Workflow Wonders webinar featured Carson Cox, Supply Chain Business Analyst at Connetics, and Marc de Kock, VP of Consulting Services at LakeTree, a Nintex Certified Partner. Carson and Mark shared how Nintex K2 provides a better user experience for staff and customers by digitizing and automating processes and enabling real-time mobile access in the field.  

Mobilizing the field

Connetics operate in a compliance-heavy industry, where they provide design, construction, and maintenance services of overhead and underground electrical lines in New Zealand. Connetics’ goal is to help ensure that power is available when it’s needed. To help meet this goal, they operate multiple branches, retail stores, and a field service team that provides 24×7 emergency response.  

The field service team works on multiple concurrent projects and is on call for work anytime it’s required. Due to the compliance requirements of their industry, they produce large volumes of paperwork and supporting documentation for each project they work on. In the past, Connetics used paper-based manual processes to manage its field operations. The results were poor project visibility, long lead times, paperwork errors, and a sub-optimal user experience for field teams and customers. 

Already a Nintex Promapp® customer, Connetics chose Nintex K2 to automate manual processes and streamline data flow. A key requirement for the automation platform was integration with the existing SAP and Office 365 infrastructure. Cox said during the webinar that other solutions had been tried previously, but they had become complex very quickly, so ease of use for non-technical users was also important.  

Putting the building blocks in place for digitization

With a small in-house IT team supporting operations, Connetics partnered with LakeTree to deliver the project. One of the key success factors of the project was to upskill the Connetics IT team, shared de Kock from LakeTree, so they could build and manage their Nintex K2 projects in-house.  

The focus was to put the building blocks in place to allow Connetics to scale up to the solution they have in place today. “When we undertook this project, I think we only had four or five people that were around to be involved,” said Cox, “The product and the work we did gave us capacity. It gave us the opportunity to do more with less.” 

The Connetics IT team was engaged as part of the project delivery team, and they jointly agreed with LakeTree on key success factors for the project including: 

  • Empowering Connetics and Cox as the in-house product owner. 
  • Providing dedicated time for Connetics team members to focus on delivering the Nintex K2 project (allowing them time away from business-as-usual tasks). 
  • Don’t overbuild. Have a plan and boundaries and know when to stop. 
  • Encourage open communication across the project teams. 
  • Don’t defer risk. Get immediate feedback from users by incorporating User Acceptance Testing into daily builds. 
  • Make the project meaningful to the business by choosing real problems with a tangible use case to work on.  

Using automation to do more with less

The Works Management solution Cox presented during the webinar allows the field service team to digitally capture the information they need to complete their projects in real-time in the field with a mobile device. Manual data entry processes have been automated with Nintex K2, which is integrated with SAP and SharePoint. From the go-live of the Works Management solution in September 2021 through to April 2022, the emergency works team logged 1200 faults and performed 2100 repairs using the platform.  

“Within a month we had a windstorm and… I think we had 50 faults in one day. Followed by another 50 over the following three days and that totaled a significant amount of work for our crews,” said Cox. “… all of those crews were able to get out there and use [Nintex] K2 to do it, and they did a fantastic job as well.” 

Nintex K2 provides automated status updates based on when work has been allocated and commenced, using data added via mobile devices from the field team. These updates provide greater visibility in real-time to allow managers to allocate tasks and remain within employee break requirements that are part of 24×7 operations. For example, if a team is on stand-down they cannot be allocated work within a certain time frame. It also provides improved visibility of projects, both at a high level, as well as granular data that is accessed via dashboards in Power BI.  

“When we look at our Works Management system, one thing that Nintex K2 definitely helped us with was better visibility of the work we were doing,” said Cox.  

What’s next for Connetics?

The Connetics team has multiple projects coming up and will continue to use Nintex K2 to automate their operations. Some of the next projects include: 

  • Digital timesheets and leave submissions 
  • Supply chain support using “pick & pack” to allow field teams to pre-order project materials 
  • Productivity improvements and reducing paper across the business  



Watch the complete recording on-demand now to hear more about how Connetics are automating processes across their organization.  



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