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Top 3 learnings from Workflow Wonders featuring City of Hobart

It is always a joy getting to speak with our customers and learning more about how they are using Nintex to solve process challenges and improve the way people work. I had the opportunity to host the latest episode of Workflow Wonders, our new webinar series to share these inspiring customer stories with the rest of the Nintex community.

Last week, I spoke with Peter Carr, Director of the City Innovation division at City of Hobart, an Australian local government council. Hobart is the capital of Australia’s southern island state, Tasmania, and City of Hobart’s mission is to make Hobart a better place for the community. Peter shared how the council has leveraged Nintex Promapp® from enterprise resource planning (ERP) process mapping to driving and measuring improvements in digital service delivery for the community.

Here are my three key learnings from the Workflow Wonders episode with City of Hobart.

The pursuit of process excellence never ends

As an organization, City of Hobart has always been a champion of process management, and it has been on a process excellence journey for about 27 years. The council started by establishing a governance, risk, and compliance management system in the early 90s, which evolved into a quality management system. The next phase included the development of a specific team focused on management system integration, which became the role of one person.

This was a successful strategy for the council for a while, with City of Hobart winning awards over the years for its integrated planning framework. However, the organization realized that their framework was not keeping up with the needs of its employees, and it was not reflective of the operational pain felt across the council.

Peter used a great analogy of someone acing an exam several years ago but may struggle with the same exam right now as they may not have been keeping up with their studies during the intervening time. I think this clearly illustrates that striving for process excellence is not a one-time effort, but requires ongoing, continuous commitment.

Business excellence is everyone’s responsibility

City of Hobart recognized that it needed to hit the reset button, and restarted its transformation of the organization. The council was mindful not to repeat the challenges of the past in making this a single-person function, so it established a devolved Centre of Excellence model with responsibility shared with the business units across the organization.

A key priority for the council during the selection process was the ease of use to ensure that all teams could contribute with staff buy-in. City of Hobart selected Nintex Promapp® because it is intuitive, easy to use, and accessible with simple navigation.

Within a short period of time, process mapping at the council exploded – staff absolutely loved it and embraced Nintex Promapp®. It enabled teams to visualize and articulate clearly what they do, with shared responsibility and commitment to process excellence across the organization. City of Hobart went from zero to over 900 processes mapped out.

Peter highlighted that after the initial tremendous uptake of Nintex Promapp®, City of Hobart then introduced a governance structure to ensure consistency and quality. The council supported this with improved training for its teams while continuing to foster a continuous process improvement culture across the organization.

Improved employee experience = better customer experience

To achieve digital innovation, City of Hobart is a firm believer in great employee and customer experiences. The council aims to be a customer-obsessed organization, and Peter believes this starts with happy employees. He shared the example of ANZ Bank, an Australian banking organization that won Bank of the Year awards for several years for its customer service, which was the result of the bank focusing on its back-end operations and ensuring its employees were fully equipped to delight customers and deliver a superior customer experience.

With Nintex Promapp®, City of Hobart was able to become employee-obsessed as well. As the council was digitally transforming for the community, it was also ensuring staff was engaged and on board with the organization’s customer vision. Peter shared that this was only possible with Nintex Promapp® as teams now have a detailed understanding of business processes with a focus on process improvement, providing a tangible link between employees and the customer services delivered to the community. Current digital customer projects enabled by Nintex Promapp® include the automation and optimization of issuing Section 337 certificates for property purchases and residential parking permits

“This is something that’s been ongoing at City of Hobart now approaching almost three decades,” said Peter. “We’ve never had the traction that we’ve had during those three decades as we’ve had in the last three years. Nintex Promapp® is a very valuable, intuitive tool for organizations to change.”

Watch the complete recording on-demand now, including a live Q&A with Peter Carr where he discusses best practices for process management and the building blocks to have in place towards establishing a culture of continuous process improvement.



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