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Workflow Wonders featuring City of Garland Fire Department

Workflow Wonders is here again with another real-world example of how great people are achieving great things with great technology.

This month, we heard from Debbie Watson, Senior Business Process Analyst at the City of Garland Fire Department on quite possibly one of the most inspiring installments yet of Workflow Wonders. Debbie walked us through how she’s leveraging Nintex to give time back to first responders in the field.

Digital transformation at the City of Garland

Debbie Watson and her team have been streamlining processes on the Nintex Process Platform for over five years. They tried other systems over the years, but once they found Nintex, their process improvements accelerated – or rather, “blew up” as she says.

Before implementing Nintex, lengthy processes and paperwork were taking valuable time away from firefighters. Now they’ve implemented solutions with over a hundred steps managed and automated on the Nintex Process Platform.

“Our people got into firefighting to help people – not to fill out a bunch of paperwork. And that epitomizes what Nintex lets us do,” Debbie says. 

Daily SCBA process simplified with Nintex

The Garland Fire Department has several processes that need to be closely monitored, to meet federal regulations and ensure compliance with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) regulations.

During the episode, Debbie shared how she leveraged Nintex to streamline the business processes around the daily inspection processes of the Fire Department’s self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA). TCFP regulations require that the SCBA units are checked every day and that everything that occurs with each unit must be recorded from “cradle to grave” – location, activities, etc. In addition, the Fire Department is audited every two years where all records must be accurate and accounted for.

To ensure compliance, the Garland Fire Department needed a better and more reliable system for tracking its equipment inspections. 

Safety, regulations, and compliance through Nintex Workflow and Forms

Debbie admits that while she does have some tech background, she doesn’t have any experience developing code or programming. Using intuitive automation tools like Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms, she built a full solution to manage the SCBA processes in just a few days.

“It was really quick. I did it over the span of about 3 days – but not full time. I think if you sat down, you could do it start to finish in less than 8 hours,” shared Debbie.

Leveraging Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms, Debbie implemented a solution to log and track all activities of each SCBA unit and the various pieces of corresponding equipment. Using the easy-to-use features of Nintex Forms she created conditions and rules-based logic, so they are able to use one form that works for the different equipment types. Once submitted, a workflow records inspection data into lists based on the equipment type.

Firefighters can log all the equipment activities and update their status real-time on a tablet and no longer need go into the station to do it on a computer. Debbie shares that, “once they saw how it saved them time, and that they could do it on the tablet instead of going into the station – the response has been overwhelmingly good.”

Establishing COVID-19 protocols with Nintex

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fire Department used Nintex to deploy a dashboard for tracking patient care, including for patients with COVID-19 or exposure. This enabled the Fire Department to track potential exposure and current health status for their team members.

With support from the Nintex Team, Debbie also implemented a telehealth system using Nintex Forms.

What’s next for City of Garland Fire Department and Nintex?

Debbie and her team are always up for simplifying and improving their processes with Nintex. She’s excited to start using Nintex Promapp® soon to improve more processes and identify more opportunities for automation.

When asked if she had any advice for people starting with Nintex, Debbie says “Just dive in! I was intimidated when I started but it’s amazing how easy and intuitive it actually is.”

 Coming up: Automation Sensation Part 1: Register to join us l on October 5 for part 1 of our 2-part webinar series, Automation Sensation. You’ll hear from Nintex customers and special guests from Forrester Research as they share how to leverage Nintex process automation management as a competitive and strategic advantage.



The City of Garland has empowered their employees to become citizen developers by equipping them with business tools like Nintex Workflow & Forms that are powerful and easy to use. If you’d like to see step by step how you can transform your business processes, get in touch for a demo.



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