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Workflow Secrets of Successful Companies

Picture this: Your company rolls out a new process automation platform. You get the guides and emails containing best practices for easy migration and user adoption.

For argument’s sake, let’s say you’re an HR specialist. Your day-to-day job involves processes like employee onboarding, performance reviews and recruitment. Your company’s growth spurt means you’re expanding across teams and welcoming new faces.

Exciting times, for sure but you’re juggling many processes. Automating processes could save you a lot of time so you can drive results and not herd paper. Your wish is IT’s command and you have automated processes.

The challenges come when you want to change your processes to meet the needs of the business. Now you feel like you’ve slammed into a wall because:

  • IT designs and deploys the code that automates the processes.
  • Business users like you depend on IT to change or automate processes.


IT team members have a number of requests coming in and your request is added to the queue and worked on depending on what’s top priority and what’s not. Raise your hand if this is you. If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, countless business users search the web for “Success with process automation.” And these business users’ dependency on IT often stalls innovation. But some companies seem to be doing far better than the others. What differentiates the leaders from the laggards?

Aberdeen Group studied this important topic and created a report based on its findings. Register for a “Business-Driven Workflows for Innovation-Driven Organizations” webinar on June 14 that will explore these findings. And check out a few of the most notable findings in the colorful “How to Win Your Workflows” infographic in this blog post.


What are the workflow secrets of successful companies?

Your counterparts in organizations across the globe search for tips and tricks and ideas to create clean automated workflows. The objective? Pivot day-to-day work away from babysitting processes to calling the shots with strategic decision-making.

Here’s the key takeaway: Top-performing organizations already operate and succeed with business-driven workflows.

In fact, The Aberdeen Group discovered that 95% of top-performing organizations leverage business-driven workflows.

One of the workflow secrets of successful companies? Lines of business leaders should be partners with IT, with business users developing workflows that speed innovation.


What are business-driven workflows?

When business users can take a workflow automation platform and customize and tailor workflows without needing development efforts from IT, the result is a business-driven workflow. You build what you need when you need it: no Ph.D. in Computer Science required.

Now that I’ve talked the talk, let’s illustrate the benefits of business-driven workflows as discovered by looking at the workflow secrets of successful companies.

With benefits, ROI, and productivity as natural side effects of a business-driven workflow platform, it’s time to learn how your organization can turn into the living definition of working smarter. And gain your own workflow secrets of successful companies.

Aberdeen Group pulled together the latest research on top-performing organizations and how and why they’re successful because of business-driven workflows. These workflow secrets of successful companies include answers to the following questions:


  • How does business-driven workflow automation drive innovation?
  • How do best-in-class companies stand out from average companies?
  • How do best-in-class companies drive business success with workflow automation?


Don’t miss out on this chance to learn more and ask questions about how to realize the benefits of business-driven workflow automation for your organization.


Register now for the webinar – “Business-Driven Workflows for Innovation-Driven Organizations” – on June 14 at 1 pm ET / 10 am PT.


Click here to register and share your thoughts and questions about these workflows below.

This colorful infographic contains secrets of successful companies, as discovered by Aberdeen Group's survey.

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