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What Workflow Management Software is Right for My Organization?

Enterprise workflow has come a long way over the centuries. From industrial revolution ingenuities that made physical labor more efficient, right up to the 21st century’s workflow management software that takes the tedium out of everyday office tasks, the concept of “workflow” has been part of the evolution of the deliberate, rational organization of labor. As technology has evolved, so has the workflow. And it continues to this day.

But how do you know which workflow management software is right for you? Well, our post today is here to help.

Why Workflow?

Good, capable workflow automation is vital for relieving your employees of rote, repetitive tasks that often take a significant amount of time, can be error-prone and inefficient. Automating these tasks prevents them from falling through the cracks of the everyday “hustle and bustle” of business administration.

There is also an empowerment aspect to workflow automation where, once set up, each member of your team and the organization at large understands exactly what is expected of them and can effectively manage their own workloads without the need for supervision. These benefits lead to processes being completed more efficiently, enhancing internal communication and enabling a better insight for management into how your organization works.

The kind of solution your organization should choose will depend on your business goals, level of IT expertise and project timelines.

Not All Workflow Management Software Is Created Equally

Automated workflow solutions can vary from simple to highly sophisticated. It depends on what you want from your solution.

You might need workflow automation to perform some straightforward document approval. This would only require a simple automated workflow solution that can email a document around to the various stakeholders for review which is either approved or sent back for edits.

However, more sophisticated workflow management solutions have the ability to integrate with other systems across your business, like your CRM or ERM tool, or even involve sensors and IoT devices. Using these powerful tools, you could set up a workflow in your restaurant that would monitor the temperatures of refrigerators, as well as the level and health of food stock and automatically alert you to changes that needed attention—if the temperature went above or below a certain number, for example, or if you were running low on chicken for that night’s dinner service.

Consider the Particulars

When it comes to investing in any kind of technology for your organization it’s always important to consider the specifics of your business. The same goes for choosing the right automated workflow solution.

Some areas for consideration:

  • The tech you already use

You should perform a brief audit of the technology solutions that you currently use. Do you center your business around Salesforce?  Are you an Office 365 champion? Or do you use a little bit of SharePoint with some third-party apps like Box, Zendesk or Slack thrown into the mix?

The answers to these questions will help in determining what kind of workflow management software to go for. Will the solution you’re eyeing up integrate with the apps you currently use? Or does the tech you already have provide the workflow automation abilities that you need?

  • Your company size and workflow goals

As your business expands, getting all your tasks completed becomes more challenging and awkward. What processes do you need your workflow solution to automate? Will you need document generation or e-signature capabilities or do you only need workflows to help your communications team with press releases?

  • Level of IT expertise

For an organization of any size, IT expertise is going to be a given, up to a point. When it comes to choosing a workflow management software, you need to know if you have the expertise available to get the most from the technology.

Choosing a solution that requires the writing of code may not be the best choice if your organization doesn’t have an IT team with that kind of know-how, for example. Even for organizations with ample IT resources, there is often a backlog of work that’s prioritized across the enterprise.  As a result, solutions that allow resources to self-serve and drive efficiencies are particularly beneficial.

  • Project timelines

If you have an upcoming project deadline, or several projects running at once and need automation tools to help you take care of the simple but time-consuming task list, you probably don’t want to invest in an expensive solution that will take months to set up. It’s more likely you will benefit from a workflow management software that is simple to set up and even simpler to use.

Something with an in-built designer that allows your team (regardless of their level of IT experience) to quickly build the kind of workflow they need will be helpful.

Nintex Workflow Cloud Is the Assembly Line of the Future

Once you have considered the above and understand what you need for your workflow solution, you can begin exploring what solutions are out there. At Nintex, we have built our reputation around providing the right solution for your organization aligned with your specific goals. Our range of tools start simple and end sophisticated, but always remain easy to use.

Our solutions not only extend and connect applications across your entire organization but make it easy for anyone in your team to build them. So, give your employees access to next big leap in work efficiency and see just how far it can take them, and you!


To find out more about how our workflow management software can transform your business processes and improve your organization’s capabilities, no matter your size or goals, start your free trial today!  

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