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How Does Workflow Help with Digital Transformation?

Everyone’s talking digital transformation.

At Nintex, we do much more than just talk about the trend. We help our customers and partners meet their goal of digitizing and improving their business processes.

The results of a Forrester Total Economic Impacttm study commissioned by Nintex found that workflow automation saves companies time and money by increasing their productivity significantly.

Full Forrester TEI infographic shows how Nintex Workflow leads to digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is a frequent topic these days, but interpretations on what it means vary.

Here are a couple definitions offered by industry experts:

  • “The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.” – Altimeter Group report , The 2014 State of Digital Transformation
  • “Digital transformation is the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way.” – i-scoop guide , Digital Transformation: Online Guide to Digital Business Transformation

In other words, digital transformation means taking advantage of digital technologies – such as mobile apps, cloud deployment, social media, data science and security – to better serve your customers or clients. That could mean improving processes to expedite website updates. Or it could involve integrating your social, web, ecommerce and service efforts for a seamless customer experience.

What is the Value of Digital Transformation?

An IDG Research survey for Unisys found that 65% of respondents consider it highly important for their organizations to modify technology, IT processes, or IT resources over the next 12 months. But 54% believe their organization is falling behind or failing to put together a digital transformation plan that would meet or exceed customer expectations, reported C5 Insight consultant Curtis Hughes in his “Why Digital Transformation is the Next Great Struggle” blog post.

But why is digital transformation so important for businesses? 

Increased Responsiveness:

Easy access to data helps organizations make more informed decisions, directly impacting their customers and clients. “Businesses across industries and regions are undergoing massive change, a.k.a. business transformations, and working at rapid speed to bring order and intelligence to data located in disparate systems,” says Nintex CEO John Burton. He shares ways to spot the next digital transformation solution in his “Top 5 Digital Transformation Takeaways from InspireX Keynote” blog post.

Better customer experiences:

Digital transformation isn’t about completely overhauling the way a business operates today. Instead, it’s about the human factor, and reinventing the experiences you deliver for employees, partners and customers.

Customer Stories of Digital Transformation

We never tire of hearing customers’ before-and-after stories. Frequently, these stories are about how implementing Nintex solutions helps these companies decrease paper usage and more effectively access and use their digital data.

Here are a couple stories of how workflow automation contributed to digital transformation:

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Instead of worrying about paper forms getting wet, muddy, or lost when gathering data in the field, scientists at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council now input information into Nintex Forms using tablets in waterproof cases, even when offline. They save 300 hours per year, which can now be devoted to helping budding young scientists in the council’s outreach program.

“We can have scientists take on more important things than just data entry,” says HBRC’s Business Improvement Analyst Anthony Gouder. “You can certainly do more for less with Nintex, that’s for sure.”

Read the case study here .


When a customer used to call to speak to an Lippuner employee and that person wasn’t available, the switchboard operator wrote details on a paper slip, which could be lost or overlooked. Now, the operator enters the caller’s information in a Nintex form, which kicks off a Nintex workflow that creates a task for the follow-up call.

As a result, Lippuner has resolved more than 98% of customer contact tasks using the Nintex Workflow Platform. “We save a lot of time with the Nintex workflows we’ve been able to automate, and have solved problems,” says Lippuner ICT System Administrator Lars Eigeldinger.

Read the case study here .


For more information on how automated workflow can help digitally transform your business, download the Forrester TEI report on Nintex.


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