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Workflow Automation and the Line of Business: Unlock the Power of Your People

With the digital era allowing increased room in the budget for technology, it can be both easy and appealing to spend considerable time and money implementing new tech like workflow automation. In fact, large and sweeping IT change is encouraged (and perhaps even feels like an obligation) for businesses looking to digitally transform.

But, not only are business-wide deployments of new IT solutions expensive and time-consuming, you also risk deploying new tech and implementing new processes that don’t actually bring value to your employees or customers.

The alternative? Shift your focus to the line of business (LOB). To accommodate LOB users, ‘packaged’ solutions are often favored over custom ones due to their quick time to deploy and time to value. This approach is a valid one for driving rapid and early success. But as more and more packaged SaaS applications are deployed across the business, workers are overwhelmed with overlapping processes, creating as much of a disadvantage in terms of productivity as not having the correct tools altogether.

It is not just technology, but people (and the processes you empower them with) that are the key to successful digital transformation. In this post, we will look at how line of business workflow automation can change the way work gets done in your organization by unlocking the power of your employees.

Overcoming the Biggest Barrier to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an ongoing movement, and businesses have realized they must continually evolve their processes, culture, and technology to remain competitive. This alone makes digital transformation a challenge, but further holding organizations back is the fact that 68% of business processes remain manual. And one of the main reasons manual processes can linger is because of the typical constraints put on IT.

Even the most committed IT teams cannot find enough hours in the day to optimize the thousands of processes across the business. This means that, particularly in large organizations, certain processes must be prioritized for automation, and only select groups of users will see instant benefits.

The processes most critical to the C-suite, for example, may get prioritized while LOB workers operating in departments like finance, human resources, marketing, and operations get left behind. This leaves a slew of inefficiencies across the bottom line.

If you can grant LOB users access to an Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) platform, that inefficiency disappears. They can automate, orchestrate, and optimize the processes that are immediately relevant to them, eliminating the waste that naturally comes from widescale implementations of workflow automation software.

Workflow Automation for the Entire Business

For workflow automation to successfully take shape in your organization, you need to start by providing software that is equal parts accessible and reliable. Workflow automation must be accessible enough to be used across the entire line of business and must be trusted by your IT team.

The moment you resort to writing code, automation projects are sent to the already congested task lists of the IT team. With accessibility being a crucial element to LOB workflow automation, no-code solutions are the best choice for implementing workflow automation across the line of business.

Workflow automation platforms like Nintex Workflow Cloud combine the accessibility of no code workflow automation with the flexibility of cloud computing. Because the technology is cloud-based, the upfront setup and costs of deploying software are removed—employees can instead simply log-in and start using a drag-and-drop design canvas to build workflows and forms instantly.

Nintex Workflow Cloud can also connect to the multiple systems of record—from Salesforce to Office 365 to Slack—business users are already working with.

No code process automation platforms like Nintex Workflow Cloud can be rapidly deployed by hundreds or thousands of users across the line of business.

No Code Solutions for Intelligent Process Automation

At Nintex, we believe in enabling any business user to benefit from workflow automation, unlocking the power of every member of your organization. And Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the next stage of the journey—combining artificial intelligence technology like machine learning and natural language processing with the power of workflow automation.


Check out our free whitepaper to learn more about IPA and how it could impact your business.



Dan Stoll

Dan Stoll has been working in IT for over two decades and currently serves as director of technical marketing at Nintex, the world’s leader in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). He has spent the last 13 years of his career helping organizations turn manual processes into well-run automated ones. Originally from Australia, Stoll relocated to the United States in 2015 after working as the first Nintex Technical Evangelist for the company’s APAC and EMEA regions. Follow Dan on Twitter: @_danstoll and LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/stolldan

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