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How Workflow Analytics Leads to Business Agility

Your processes are among the least understood, and most valuable, assets within your organization. Once automated, they can tell you how well teams interact, where content is used, and with what applications. Workflow analytics can prove invaluable.

What are your organization’s workflows? Who’s working on workflow tasks? How long does it take them to complete their work?

Imagine how knowing the answers to these questions could improve your organization’s processes. With the right platform, you know which process investments are paying off and which are not. Workflow analytics can help you create a strategy to improve your processes.

Our understanding of the value of process intelligence is why we developed Nintex Analytics workflow analytics. During his InspireX keynote in February, Nintex CEO John Burton introduced partners and customers to our new cloud-based service, Nintex Workflow Cloud.

“It’s an absolute commitment on our part to do for your process analytics what we did for your process automation,” John said. “We want to help you instrument your business and provide you the tools to deliver the agility that you need.”

Inquisitive Minds Lead to Mining Invaluable Insights

The objective of Nintex Analytics? Help you understand the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization’s workflows and make it easier to be compliant and do your governance in the process, John told InspireX attendees.

We want results available to us as quickly and easily as possible. But before you roll up your sleeves to fish for the optimal tools, it’s critical to decide what information you need to succeed.

What questions demand answers on a near daily basis? Understanding what you want to know about your workflow processes starts with curiosity. Here are a few questions to start:

  • How many processes are running?
  • Where are the processes located?
  • How often are they used?
  • Who’s using the processes?
  • What teams are collaborating?
  • Which ones add value? Which do not?

Informed Decisions = Business Success

When you automate your processes with tools that leverage best-in-class data visualization like Power BI, you can unlock the latent value in your data and gain unique perspectives on the effectiveness of your workflows.

You’re set up with the ability to conduct process analysis that provides key consumption metrics and user participation statistics to help you make data-driven decisions.

We’re in the next generation of process intelligence. We’re finally set up to work smarter instead of slogging through manual tick marks and checkbox operations.

Here’s what to expect from workflow analytics that delivers:

  • Get up and running quickly with pre-built dashboards and templates.
  • Drill down into workflow data and filter by process types, users, roles, departments, and more to get answers to your most important questions.
  • Gain visibility into and identify who can build workflows and what capabilities they can access.

How Does Nintex Analytics Work?

If you use the Nintex workflow platform, “you’ve been capturing some extremely valuable analytical data each and every day, each and every time you run a workflow,” said Nintex Senior Product Manager Luke Bongiorno at Inspirex.

Nintex Analytics pulls all that data together. In the last two years, analysts have likened data to crude oil. Just like oil, Luke said, data needs to be refined and combined and designed into useful products.

“We want to help you unlock it,” he said.

The first step involves filtering that data via a lens. Each of Nintex Analytics’s lenses provides unique data to help you answer particular questions and gain specific insights.

  • Usage Lens: Understand key consumption metrics, user participation and the return that your Nintex investment is bringing to your organization. This lens answers questions such as: What’s the extent of my Nintex usage? How many people use Nintex? How many workflows and forms do I have? Watch the video.
  • Process Intelligence Lens: Measure the activities occurring within the processes you’ve automated using the Nintex platform. This lens answers questions such as: How many instances have I run? Which processes are successful? Which need work? Watch the video.

The result? Attractive dashboards and reports that provide incredible insights into your organization. While providing Microsoft Power BI integration, Nintex Analytics enables you to use the BI tool of your choice – whether it’s Splunk, Tableau, Qlik, Domo or something else – as long as it supports industry-standard APIs, Luke said.

You’ll Be The Workflow Analytics Guru of Your Organization

Only one mild side effect comes with the territory of mastering next-gen data dashboards and insights: You’ll be your organization’s go-to.

While much continues to change in business, collaboration remains critical. Working dynamically across teams and initiatives ranks at the top as a success factor for fast-paced organizations.

With Nintex Analytics, here’s how you’ll be influencing and uplifting projects:

  • Act Wisely
    Proactively monitor, manage and report on running workflows to address issues before your users see them.
  • Optimize Meaningfully
    Instrument, measure and improve on the process investments you’ve made.
  • Understand Everything
    Understand where your process assets are located and derive actionable insights to help you manage your process portfolio.

The pace and quality of your work depends on the tools you leverage and deploy. Don’t miss out on the insights you can gain from the data you’re already collecting via the Nintex platform. Take advantage of Nintex Analytics.


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