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Women in Technology: My Mentoring Moment as a Nintex Technical Evangelist

I was chosen to recently present a Magic Mentor Session at Wonder Women Tech’s second London International Conference on June 15. It was a pleasure to speak at this great conference and I wanted to share my experience in a blog post.

Wonder Women Tech is a non-profit organization that “aims to highlight, celebrate, and educate women and the underrepresented in STEAM industries.” The theme of this year’s conference was #WEAREINNOVATORS, and my session focused on showing how you can be an innovator as a Technical Evangelist.

The event featured a lot of inspiring women sharing their experiences. The conference keynote was delivered by Eline Van Der Velden, an actress, writer, and director of the new BBC Three series “Miss Holland.” The series is about a Dutch beauty queen’s alter-ego, who returns to the UK to learn why Britain is great.

Driving D&I Isn’t Rocket Science – it’s Harder

One of the most interesting sessions I attended was by Joanne Watson, Director of the Global Inclusion Office at Intel, who spoke about “Building a Nucleus for Change: How Intel Brings Inclusion to Life.”

Joanne showcased how diversity is seen and experienced at Intel, and highlighted how the company is consistently aiming to bridge their diversity gaps. “Driving D&I isn’t rocket science – it’s harder. We are trying to do inside of our walls what society is trying to do outside.”

If we pause for a moment to examine society today and the effort it takes to drive equality and celebrate diversity, Joanne’s point rings true. It is a long and difficult path, but we are forging ahead and continuing the conversation with empowering events like Wonder Women Tech London.

Another example of an inspiring session was a panel called “The Impact Factor: How Social Innovation Transforms the Tech Industry,” in which Anastasia Dedyukhina, founder of Consciously Digital, discussed a hugely impactful factor in our daily lives – the smartphone. The instant availability of information and the flood of notifications grabs our attention and steals our long-term concentration.

One of my favorite speakers was Molly Watt, accessibility consultant and director of Molly Watt Ltd, who presented a session called “Think Inclusion – NOT Accessibility.”

Molly has the Usher Syndrome, which is the most common condition that affects both hearing and vision. Access to technology means further inclusion for those with impairments who might not have had the same opportunities in the past.

Magic Mentor Session: Careers in Technical Evangelism

I spoke at the Magic Mentor Session, which is designed for women who are considering a career path as a Technical Evangelist (TE). My focus was to present the job description of a TE, my daily work, and how other women could become successful in the role.

What is a TE and What Do We Do?

A Technical Evangelist is the “Technical Hero” for their company’s partners and customers. He or she influences active usage of the technology through engagement with the community, both virtually and at events – like a social media influencer of the tech world.

Some key elements of the job are:

  • Acting as a first point of contact about the company’s technology offerings
  • Driving depth adoption with strategic customers and partners
  • Delivering sessions and representing the company at industry events and conferences
  • Organizing and running technical partner and customer enablement sessions
  • Acting as a “Technical Hero“ on social media through blog posts, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other forums

How Do You Become a Technical Evangelist?

Be passionate. The most important factor for success as a TE is to be exceptionally interested in your work and transfer this passion to your virtual or physical audience. People tend to value those who are highly specialized in their field and enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge to others.

Another important factor is recognition. Actively promoting your impact and your company on social media channels, as well as being helpful in online tech communities and forums are great steps to creating a personal relationship with the virtual audience. It is also a great way to show that you are an expert in a specific field and a highly valuable resource for others.

As a TE it’s important to embrace your personal brand and be able to communicate effectively in your own style. This builds trust and recognition as a technology expert and leads your audience to place their trust in your company and the technology you are evangelizing.

We Are Innovators

I had great conversations with the audience during my session at this wonderful and inspiring conference. I hope to see more female Technical Evangelists on stage at the next Wonder Women Tech event as well as on social media in the tech communities I was honored to speak and to represent my role as a Nintex TE. #WEAREINNOVATORS.

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