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Winter Workflow Wonderland with ITAC

In the spirit of giving, we pledged to donate $5 for every registrant of December’s Workflow Wonders. Thanks to those that attended live or registered to watch on-demand, Nintex donated $5,000 to Habitat for Humanity this holiday season. Thank you for your support!

In the episode, Ann Coker, Director of Project Accounting and Processes at ITAC, shares how her company is documenting and managing processes across the business with Nintex Promapp®.

ITAC’s commitment

For nearly 3 decades, ITAC has provided their clients with exceptional experiences and successful capital projects through their proprietary approach – Assured Project Management®.

Coker and her team are serious about process. To support this in methodology, ITAC needed a tool to implement consistency and process innovation across the business.

It was the combined ability to visually map processes and provide robust written procedural documentation, that led ITAC to Nintex Promapp®.

During the webinar, Coker shared insights on how her team has implemented Nintex Promapp® with a specific targeted approach, how they govern its use, and why it is enabling employees to hit the ground running.

Create a project “roadmapp”

Before diving in and mapping processes, Coker established a team to develop an extensive project roadmap.

This seems simple, but over the first 6 months the team met weekly with departments across the business to understand the details of their processes. This allowed the team to facilitate collaboration and create buy-in throughout ITAC. They called these “Promapp-a-thons”.

Once finished, a printed copy of the “Roadmapp” (another homage to Nintex Promapp®) was extensive enough to take up the majority of a conference room wall. It detailed the phases of implementation and the key points of each phase: Project planning, Engineering Execution, Construction Execution, Monitoring and Controlling, Project Closeout.

Develop a team of “ProMasters”

Early on, Coker also created a task force to aid the process mapping initiatives called the ProMaster Team. This was a smaller group of 3 people to drive the governance of these initiatives.

This team managed the Promapp-a-thons, helped develop the project roadmap, and created criteria to develop consistency throughout process creation and the review/publishing process. Coker and her team tracked processes but were purposeful to give freedom to the departments to determine which processes to map.

Track progress

In the beginning, there was much excitement to get every process mapped but limited resources to do so. With a large amount of identified but unmapped processes, the team needed tools to keep an eye on the status of processes overall. They developed and assigned statuses to track processes by labeling them within Nintex Promapp®:

  • PLACEHOLDER – identified, not started
  • CREATION – identified and creation has begun
  • PUBLISHED – created and reviewed

This helped create accountability across departments to adopt a process-mapping mindset.

Rules and regulation

Coker’s team of ProMasters helped govern consistency in their processes by establishing a few ground rules:

  1. 10×10: no more than 10 activities or tasks within a process. More than this means you likely are dealing with more than one process.
  2. Begin with verbs: start with the word “to” and use verbs for activities and tasks to create action-based steps.
  3. Use multiple visuals and attachments: Nintex Promapp® has the unique ability to include videos, word docs and pictures – use them! These are extremely helpful for process owners and those executing the process and enables faster onboarding.


Currently, ITAC has over 1184 processes identified in Nintex Promapp®. Of those, 553 are published and 631 are placeholders or processes in creation but unpublished.

To keep the excitement going and preserve a process-driven culture, the team makes sure to celebrate Nintex Promapp® milestones with company-wide announcements. Coker and the ProMasters meet twice a month to discuss progress and monitor the project roadmap.

They evaluate progress by utilizing the reporting feature within Nintex Promapp® to determine what departments are publishing the most processes and what areas need assistance. This helps the team make equal progress across departments.


Coker is looking forward to achieving their 2022 goal of 750 published processes by their 3rd anniversary of adopting Nintex Promapp® this September 2022.

The team has also established objectives that each member will map and publish one process a month, or 12 processes each in 2022 and to work toward an onboarding and training module for implementation in 2022 or early 2023.  And along the way, ITAC’s ProMasters will keep their senior leadership informed of all the fantastic progress the business is making on Nintex Promapp®.

To learn more about ITAC’s process excellence initiatives, read our case study.

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