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Why is customer experience lagging in the government sector?

Government organizations are finding themselves at a crossroads.

Many global governments have spent several decades building trust with their constituents, but recently goodwill is eroding as customer expectations are increasing along with their reliance on digital infrastructures. The private sector is leading the charge, but the less digitally savvy public sector has tended to always lag, and the pandemic has not only put a spotlight on the gap—but widened it—as more government customers look to be served online, in real-time.

But there is a heightened awareness and an understanding that the new digital wave in government is imminent. This can be seen with the new key global agencies being formed, like the Canadian Digital Services1 United Kingdom’s Government Digital Services,2 and Singapore’s Government Technology Agency,3 that are all dedicated to improving both citizen and employee experience in the government sector, and they are committed to leveraging digital technologies to get there.

Why have government organizations struggled to keep up with modernization via technology?

Often it is their lack of process. Internal processes have an enormous impact on the overall experience that is delivered to citizens and employees alike. It is tricky to identify where things are going wrong or identify opportunities to improve if you don’t understand your processes in the first place.

Both large and small organizational processes underpin governments’ ability to provide a better customer experience, optimize employee experience, and drive continuous innovation.

If your own internal teams don’t have access and visibility into your processes, efficiency will be the first thing you lose. And eventually, it will prevent you from creating impactful, lasting change which could result in the erosion of your constituent’s trust – the one thing that you worked so hard to obtain

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  • Digital fitness and its four pillars to deliver the agility needed to overcome obstacles.
  • What other value is realized by mapping, managing, and automating business processes.
  • Examples of how some government customers successfully managed the pandemic crisis with a process culture.

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