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What’s New: A World of Content in Nintex App Studio

A recent update to Nintex App Studio expands the app from surfacing forms and opens up an entirely new world of CONTENT.

App owners can now add multiple types of content inside the app very quickly. As a former partner, I can see a few applications were this could be useful inside organizations such as manufacturing, healthcare and field service. I will be using this one feature as part of my solution-building toolkit.

The below table showcases the types of content that is support within the new content area of the app.


Why Should You Care About This?

Imagine you lead a sales organization and you have several forms that members of your sales org need to use when in the field. So you build them an app they can access from their phone or tablet.

With this new content feature in Nintex App Studio, you can now upload your latest sales deck as a PowerPoint presentation, maybe a pricing PDF, and even give them a motivational song by Calloway (I Wanna Be Rich). Check the video out here.

Here Is How You Do It:

Nintex App Studio is part of the Nintex Workflow Platform subscription entitlements, so if you’re not sure you have access to create an app, try logging into this site. https://appstudio.nintex.com

Building an app is easy and done in a matter of minutes. The below image shows what the finished app would look like in App Studio.

nintex app studio

So let’s see how I went about building a similar app for my sales team and how you can get started building a similar app and adding some content today.

If you haven’t created an app, you will have to select create an app, which will open the interface that will allow you to change most of the configurations in your app.

nintex app studio

  • General is where you manage the app details, the platforms and you can preview your app.
  • Connections is where you would bind your Nintex instance to the application for your forms.
  • Theme is where you can control how your app looks or will appear on the device.
  • Content is where you can add additional items to the app such as videos, HTML pages, and presentation

Click on the “Content” to see all of the menu items inside your app.  Note that all of the menu items can be accessed even while your app is offline.

nintex app studio

To add a new piece of content, click on the plus sign to the right. For each item, you can select an icon, name and type of content it will be. To keep it simple, let’s add a sample presentation to the app.

You can download a sample deck at the bottom of this blog. You can do more things such as adding QR Code reader inside the app as well.

nintex app studio 

Upload your content to the app. You can also rearrange or reorder the items to display differently if you so desire. To preview your changes, click through the images on the right showcasing your app build.

nintex app studio

All you have to do now is hit “Save & Build” and your app will start being built. If you have a distribution list already set up, your app will automatically be sent to them; however, if you don’t have one setup, click Settings > Distribution list to set that up. The Distribution list can contain one or more user email addresses to be sent the package for deploying the app.

nintex app studio


Like what you see? Find out more about Mobile Digital Workflow Automation – Nintex App Studio. Sign up for a free Nintex Workflow Cloud trial and build a simple app that uses a form. 

Terry Simpson

Terry has been working with SharePoint and Nintex tools for the last 10 years. Prior to joining Nintex, he spent the majority his career on the consulting services side of the business implementing a wide variety of SharePoint and Nintex solutions.  Terry’s unique, technical yet business focused, background gives him the ability to help users leverage technology to drive value to their businesses.

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