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What’s New: Using Forms in Nintex Workflow for Salesforce

Data entry can be challenging in almost any system of record. Whether on a mobile device or a desktop, you often have to navigate screen after screen and do click after click, to enter data that is often repetitive and predictable.

Take sales, for instance.

If I own a lead with a company name and address, all I should need to know is which product(s) my lead is interested in so I can create the appropriate quote document. But lead management systems often require you to convert the lead to the next stage, add a quote, add SKUs, etc. There are more screens and clicks after conversion. You face even more complexity if your organization uses third-party configure-price-quote software.

Many of the fields you’ll have to fill in during this process are predictable (such as currency codes) or redundant. Most of the rest are things you know before you convert the lead. Wouldn’t it be great if your “convert” process allowed you to enter all the necessary data in one form, on a single screen?

Enter Nintex Workflow for Salesforce, a platform that allows anyone in the organization to create sophisticated workflows with clicks, not code, and without relying on IT. You can use it to embed smart forms into Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce1 that in turn enter data in Salesforce the instant the user clicks “Submit.”

Does your sales process require you to completely fill in account, contact, opportunity, quote, line items, and other objects in order to create a document at the end? Forms you create with Nintex Workflow for Salesforce let you do all of that on one screen. Want to text message the sales manager whenever an opportunity over $10,000 is created? Nintex Workflow for Salesforce can help with that too!

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Sure, you can string a few other solutions together to make this happen. But the time to market with those solutions may well depend on your internal Salesforce release cycle and the bandwidth of your coding resources. Nintex Workflow for Salesforce can be built directly into your production environment by a system admin or business analyst – again, without relying on IT.


You can get started right away by downloading Nintex Workflow for Salesforce from the Salesforce AppExchange here. And keep in mind that the need for simple data entry isn’t limited to Sales; it also applies to Field Service, HR, Billing operations and many other areas of your business!

Raymond Cabral

Raymond Cabral is a Senior Solutions Architect at Nintex. He is based in our Irvine, California office.

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