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What’s New: User-Management Comes to App Studio

It’s a new dawn… it’s a new day… it’s a new feature in Nintex App Studio.

App Studio allows you to fill in a form, wait a few minutes, and voila, you have custom branded form apps for your business. You can then deploy it to your users’ mobile devices and make them even more productive than they already are. Not too shabby ha?

Now consider this. You don’t just get the ability to build one app.  You can build multiple.

Why…you ask?  Well as your user build more and more forms, the one app can get quite busy.  So you start to think… what can I do to make this easier for my users?  I don’t want them to look at the app, go hunting for a specific form and lose interest because it’s just too overwhelming.  So you start to break it up and build departmental form apps.  Maybe one for HR and one for Finance.  That will make it easier right?

What if Joe Smith, the guy who has been building out these apps is out on leave?  You need to give someone else the power.  No, not He-Man.  Although, he did keep telling us that “I Have The Power!!!”.  With the latest update to App Studio, you can give other users the rights to build apps.

When you log into App Studio, on the top right, click on Settings:

nintex app studio

This is a new look and feel to the settings part of App Studio. You’ll be presented with this new view where you’ll find a “User management” option on the left.

nintex app studio

When you do that, you’ll get a list of current users who have the right to build apps in App Studio. There will also be an Add New button on the right.

nintex app studio

That lets you add new users.  You’ll also notice the little trash can on the right of Terry’s name. That lets you delete that user.  Notice that I can’t delete myself. That’s a good thing, because you don’t want rip holes in the space-time continuum.

nintex app studio

Fill in the form and click Add.  The user will then get an email, inviting them to join App Studio and set their password.  The email should look something like this:

nintex app studio

There’s a little bit of fine print there under the “Set Your Password” button. Take notice, because if you don’t click on that link to set your password, it will no longer work after 30 days. That’s fine for me, because I usually make a habit of only responding to emails when they hit 29 days.

On a final note. This functionality not only gives multiple people access to App Studio to build apps for themselves. This also gives them access to your company’s App Studio environment which will enable collaboration between users. For example, if Joe Smith goes on leave in the middle of building an app, Mary Jones can log in and take over and continue the work.

Alrighty. Go forth and start empowering your users to build apps so that your workforce can be productive, everywhere and all the time (even if they are offline!).


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Vadim Tabakman

Nintex Technical Evangelist Vadim Tabakman is a Nintex developer with 20 years of development experience and more than nine years' experience in SharePoint and Nintex technologies. He understands how SharePoint, business process automation and forms can successfully join forces in numerous industries and business scenarios to drive business adoption and success in SharePoint projects.

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