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What’s New: Tee Up Your Work – Scheduled Workflows Are Available for Office 365

While you may not have been glued to coverage of the recent pro golf tourney (or like me, simply looking for some sunshine to book a tee team at the local links), you may have some processes that you have automated with Nintex Workflow for Office 365 and found out that there was no good way to schedule them.

Well, as it turns out, your friendly neighborhood Nintex team felt that you should, in fact, be able to easily repeat these processes based on a specific time or frequency, automatically.

Now, without further ado, I am pleased to account the availability of scheduled workflows!

schedule 1

Scheduled workflows allow workflow designers to configure workflows* to execute at a future date once or with a specific frequency. This functionality is incredibly helpful if you are modeling out processes that may require a number of items to be iterated through such as; compliance audits (customer facing financial services activities tend to have high regulatory compliance requirements to avoid things like civil and criminal penalties), frequent equipment and safety checks (such as those in the manufacturing, food services, construction, and engineering), or my favorite, to determine if content is stale and needed in the portal or if we can now push it to a proper long term repository.

*Please note that only site level Nintex workflows can be scheduled. Also, please be aware that like the Action Set and App Step actions, and Nintex Analytics (for scheduled workflows to function), the Nintex Workflow app will need to be granted elevated (app permissions) privileges in the site you would like to use this functionality on. Please see the instructions for enabling app permissions here:

  1. Go to Site Settings.
  2. In the Site Actions section, select Manage site features.
  3. Locate the feature called Workflows can use app permissions, as shown in the figure below, and then click Activate:

schedule 2

If you have not yet had occasion to create a site workflow, simply navigate to a site in your SharePoint Online portal and then click on Site Contents.

From there, you will be able to click on the Nintex Workflow app, open the designer and build a workflow or define a schedule.

1. Click on the Cog / Gear icon and then click on Site contents:

schedule 4

2. Scroll down to the Nintex Workflow for Office 365 app and click on it:

schedule 4

3. As you can see, I have several site workflows:

schedule 5

4. To configure a schedule against a workflow, just click on the ellipses (…) next to the workflow that you would like to run on a scheduled basis and then click on Schedule:

schedule 6

5. Click on Add Schedule and select when you would like the workflow to run:

schedule 8

6. Now you can configure when you would like the workflow schedule to begin, which time zone the scheduled workflow should be started in, how often it should reoccur and the like:

schedule 9

7. Optionally, you can add up to 4 more (for a total of 5) schedules to the workflow by clicking on Add schedule, which will add another schedule box:

schedule 10

8. When you are finished configuring your schedules, just click on the Save button:

schedule 11

That’s it!  You’ve just scheduled your workflow to execute automatically, exactly when you want it to. Keep in mind you can disable these schedules and schedule data will be retained for 90 days after the final execution so you can quickly reference your prior work. I hope this feature helps you overcome more business challenges and I hope that you will share your successes with me in the comments below!


If you would like to review the product help entry for Scheduled workflows, click here.


Brad Orluk

Brad has been evangelizing technology and process automation for over 15 years. Prior to joining Nintex, he had roles in infrastructure, IT consulting, and most recently, as an Information Architect at a Fortune 500, where he worked on business and IT process improvement and automation on a variety of real world global projects and productivity initiatives. Brad’s unique, technical yet business focused, background gives him the ability to help users leverage technology to drive value to their businesses. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradOrluk

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