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What’s New: Task and Notification Improvements for Nintex for Office 365

Over the past month, we have introduced a number of enhancements to both our task and notification features in Nintex for Office 365. In this post, we’ll share a  brief rundown of all the additions we have made and how they benefit our customers and partners.

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Customizing the Display Name for Notifications

A common piece of feedback the product team at Nintex has received in the past was the desire to customize both the email address and ‘From’ display name when users receive task and email notifications.

Prior to our latest update, users faced challenges such as confusing emails sent from ‘reply@workflownotification’ as spam, or missing the task item entirely if the email ended up in their junk folder.

To assist with these challenges, we introduced a new field in both of the task actions as well as the ‘Send an Email’ actions to allow for a configurable display name (we call it ‘Sender display name’).

Now, when someone receives an email, this value will be shown as the ‘From/Sender’ name, as shown below (e.g. configured as “The Workflow Team”). To utilize this feature, you must either use LazyApproval for task actions, or the external email service for a ‘Send an Email’ action.

Image of email sample

Show or Hide Footer for Task Notifications

Another piece of feedback we heard from customers was the desire to create their own styling and content for the footer of a task email in order to create a more seamless user experience, rather than including the standard Nintex footer.

So, also arriving in this release is the ability to configure the LazyApproval feature for the ‘Assign a Task’ or ‘Start a Task’ actions and choose to show or hide the instructions footer in task email.

Reply-To Address

The next improvement is specific to the ‘Send an Email’ action. You can now configure a custom ‘reply-to’ address so that when a user replies to an email, the message goes to a specific email address. This feature also requires enablement of the external email service.

Capturing LazyApproval Task Comments

We’ve saved the best for last.

Many of you have been waiting on this feature for a while, and we’re proud to offer it to you now.

You can now capture response and comments via the task actions when using the LazyApproval feature. Not only that, but we’ve also provided a simple method for capturing responses and comments into a workflow variable that are made using Nintex Task Forms or via the native SharePoint workflow task list.

In order to capture the comments via LazyApproval, we’ve introduced a specific way that users must respond so that we can identify the comments and the outcome. All respondents are required to do is respond with the outcome followed by a comma, then any comments.

For example: “Rejected, Need tax invoices before approving this expense.”

When responding with this example, we will store the following information in the new task comments field: “Rick De Marco (Rejected) 8/29/2018 4:49 PM – 8/29/2018 4:51 PM – Need tax invoices before approving this expense.”

Also, when using the ‘Start a Task’ process action with multiple respondents, each response is posted on a new line. You can then add a single variable which sends an email action to share all comments.


We hope you get value from all these new additions to Nintex for Office 365. Like always, any feedback is welcomed by the Nintex Product team – you can email me at rick.demarco@nintex.com.


Rick De Marco

Rick De Marco is a Senior Product Manager specializing in Workflow automation with a strong focus on end-user and participant experiences for Nintex Workflow Cloud. He is based in our Melbourne, Australia office.

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